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Winnie Ruth Judd

Famous Arizona trunk murderess Winnie Ruth Judd--always
one of my favorite cases. I'd forgotten that L.A. figured into
the story. After dispatching two friends with whom she was
fighting (supposedly over a man), she packed up their remains
and left Phoenix for Los Angeles. Sharp-eyed (and -nosed)
baggage handlers in L.A. called the police, but La Judd took
off and was at large for a week before being arrested at (not
sure why) the Alvarez & Moore Funeral Chapel on Court
Street. She was extradited to Phoenix, where she stood
trial and was found guilty. The rest of her story is very
interesting--check it out.

Alvarez & Moore Funeral Chapel, Court St.

L.A. County Jail booking slip

The trunks--there are pictures on the internet of the contents, but I'll
let you find them yourselves (think Betty Short).

All photos LAPL
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