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Oh Mickey You're so Fine..............

More Mickey Cohen images.......

The result of the July 19th, 1949 hit attempt outside Sherry's, resulted in the death of Mickey's bodyguard Neddie Herbert who was shot in the back

Neddie Herbert laying on the sidewalk outside of Sherry's

Delmar Watson Photography

Neddie Herbert being placed in the ambulance outside Sherry's


In February of 1950, another attempt was made on Micky's life by bombing his Brentwood Home

USC Digital Library

Mickey survived that attempt, However his mouthpeice and lawyer, Sammy Rummel did not fare that well. He was rubbed out inside his Laurel Canyon Home in December of 1950

Delmar Watson Photography

In August of 1948, Mickey and his cohorts Mike Howard, Sol Davis and James Rist were picked up by the L.A.P.D. and are photographed here, awaiting booking into the county pokie

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