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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Another architectural 'fantasia' in downtown L.A.
Clifton's Cafeteria on Olive at 6th Street.
Clifford Clinton figures in noir history in my new favorite L.A. book-- L.A. Noir. He was a tough cookie who not only fed the poor (hence "Pay What You Wish") but stood up to corruption, that of underworld figures as well as of politicians. In retaliation his "Clifton's" (get it?) cafeterias were harrassed by health inspectors, his property taxes were raised wildy, and someone bombed his Los Feliz house. It seems he once had as many outlets as Veda's ma had "Mildred's", including the Brookdale on S. Broadway, apparently still extant ( and the Pacific Seas shown below by ethereal--it included a waterfall, golfish stream, and meditation garden.

More Clifford Clinton L.A. "noir color" (an oxymoron?) here:,00.html
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