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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Here are three more 1931 photographs.
I believe all three were taken from the vicinity of the Herald Examiner Building.

usc digital archive

I really like this one because it has a fave bldng of mine, the Petroleum Securities Building, AKA the Pan-American Petroleum Building. It's a Meyer & Holler, built by Edward Doheny, at Olympic and Flower (SW corner) and in 1925 Doheny designed and erected America's largest electrical sign for it, which was about 160' x 50' if I remember, three color flashing "PAN-GAS".

It wasn't long though before it was switched over to read "HYDRIL" which was an oilfield equipment supplier.

(both USC; USC calls the second image 1926, but Hydril didn't come into being until 1933, and besides, those cars are early 30s, not mid-20s.)

Ah, the brea, the inky viscous blood that runs through LA's veins!
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