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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This is a mystery slide I found on ebay. I believe it's the leveling of Bunker Hill.

It's interesting to me to see this block at First, Broadway and Hill cleared and excavated like this, because today, a half-century later, it's now excavated out again after the razing of the State Building #2. (And all within my own lifetime, too. That's a bit scary.)

Anyway, what I'm curious about are the buildings that were torn down in the mid-'50s on that west side of Broadway. Here's one of my favorite old L.A. postcards showing the intersection of First and Broadway, looking south from the first Times Building at that location (the one that was bombed in 1910). Note the date written on it... about a year-and-a-half before the "Crime Of The Century."

Sometimes, in my searches through the online archives, I'm lucky enough to find the original photograph that was used for a particular postcard. I've never been able to find this one, though. Have you ever seen it, Ethereal? (If anyone could have found it, I'm sure it would be you.)

Also, do you have a closer photo of that west side of Broadway south of First? I've always been curious to see the "Resturaunt" that is referred to in Linda's postcard. See how the written word points to a spot under the last gable on that corner building? I've found plenty of pictures of that building showing its back as viewed from First Street Hill, but none at all from the front, or the rest of that block for that matter.

In case you're curious, here is the reverse of the postcard:

Note the return address: 741 W. Temple Street. Wouldn't that be on the north side of Temple near the intersection with Flower and Figueroa, that was also discussed earlier in this thread? I've never found a picture of that side of the street, either...

Aside: I wonder what "Linda" would think to see her postcard being shown and discussed on a world-wide forum a whole century after she wrote it! It's probably the only identifiable object she ever owned that survived her...


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