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As for Rapid Bus, if you don't think the spin from SAM is misleading, think again.

There's an existing express bus on this corridor which has everything except for the signal-holding device; and the most congested part of the corridor (responsible for almost all of the delay) will not see any benefit from the signal-holding device.

CM, when quoting time savings for Rapid Bus, only says it'll be 20% faster than the #1. They never tell you how much faster it'll be than the #101. Know why? Because it won't be much faster than the #101; the #101 is already almost 20% faster than the #1.

I did a quick scan of the current schedules for the #1 and the #101. The morning free-flow times are about 11% different; the morning rush is about 21% different (68 minutes versus 54 minutes at 7:30ish from Tech Ridge to Congress / Cesar Chavez). Afternoon free-flow time was 16% different (57 versus 68); afternoon rush was actually closer at 13% (59 versus 68).

Schedules aren't perfect here - but they're all we have, and they show Rapid Bus won't deliver much if anything on this commute.
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