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Here is a great photo showing the Hill Street Pacific Electric Station.
I noticed the advertisement on the side of the neighboring Masonic Temple building.
I was completely surprised that you could reach Mt. Lowe Resort via this transit.

usc digital archive

Below: I found this schedule/map showing a Mount Lowe route (through a wonderland) for $2.50.


Below: And I had this amazing photo showing a death-defying route ascending Mount Lowe.

usc digital archive

Below: From this photo, it looks as if once they get to a certain point on Mount Lowe
they transfered to this rather daunting incline railway.

usc digital archive

usc digital library

Below: And this is what awaited them at the top of the funicular/incline. I believe the sign reads Echo Mountain House.

usc digital archive

ucla archive

I find it amazing that Pacific Electric would build a rail-line up to Mt. Lowe.
To be truthful, my knowledge of all this is very vague.
Does anyone here know more details about this resort atop Mt. Lowe?

Could it have been owned by the Pacific Electric Co.?

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