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Bourne, NY - an SU city

So I started a new city. This will be a very slow project, but hopefully a long lasting one. To save time, I'm reusing my Rocane textures again. For close-up shots I try to utilize the components I made to make those textures. Other thing that will help save time, is that this city is based on a real city layout.

City's name is Bourne and it is located in the state of New York right at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, about 40 miles north of Syracuse. Bourne metropolitan area has a population of about a million, so it would be the fourth largest population center in the state, if it was a real city (behind Rochester, Buffalo and NYC, of course).

A map of the city:

Here's the first render - a view looking northwest on West Adams Street. This area, just a few blocks north of downtown, was once an integral part of the main business core, but it was cut off of it in the early 1960's with the completion of the Lake Ontario Freeway. It has lacked development since.

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