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Well, Im back in town and went around and took photos of most of the construction and what not going around downtown and in TMC. I went to the Woodlands yesterday and Ill post some of those photos too of construction going on around there.

Discovery Tower and such is on the left, going south on 59 this morning.


Almost completed mid rise in TMC

Another new mid rise in TMC across from the one above

The new YMCA building downtown


Hess Tower

Discovery Green/Hess Tower yay

Hess Discovery Tower, I think they are about to install the windmills


Embassy Suites

Harris County Courthouse restoration



The tower on the left has been recently completed, this is on the Woodlands Waterway, an incredible urban development taking place in well, the woodlands

A new hotel in the Market Square, near the mall.

This is a map of the Woodlands Waterway development, the area I have outlined in purple has yet to be built. Most of the yellow buildings along the waterway are going to be 6-12 story midrises. The neighborhood on the left of the map will be a dense recreation of a new Orleans neighborhood and the areas that have been completed really do look amazing, like, it almost fooled me that they were new. The amount of detail is incredible and the scope of the whole development is also quite incredible.
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