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I stand corrected on the spelling of poor little Marion's name. I'm pretty sure that in the book I have called "Stolen Away" her name is spelled as "Marian." Oh well.

Her remains are at Glendale Forest Lawn:

I've driven to her junior high school and the home on Wilton Place. The Wilton Place home looks eerily unchanged, at least to me; I wonder who lives there now and if they know about the Parker kidnap/murder. Unfortunately the jr. high looks nothing like it did back in 1927. It's not even called Mt. Vernon Jr. High anymore, it's been renamed the Johnnie Cochran Middle School.

I last drove by the Bellevue Arms about a year ago or so and it was all covered in scaffolding due to the condo-ization. I'm wondering if I should pay it another visit.
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