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Ah, jeepers. Here I was about to go "productive things" and sopas, you go on and bring up The Fox. Like I'm gonna stay away from that.

Say what you will about Elizabeth Short as the hallmark of LA noir -- the Fox, Edward Hickman, and his killing of Marion Parker (the correct spelling of her name, truth be told) -- is in my estimation, hands down, the weirdest, darkest tale in LA history.

I won't go into the whole rigamarole here -- it's been written about enough elsewhere -- but one does have to wonder if anyone moving into the Bellevue has any idea...

...the school (Mt Vernon Jr) from where she was abducted still stands, as does her home on S Wilton, but the site where her body was dumped, its lifeless eyes pulled open by wire, on the east side of Manhattan between 4th and 5th, is now 50s apartment buildings.
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