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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality
^^^Here is a photograph showing the Brew 102 Building Sopas_ej. It was taken from the top of City Hall in 1952.
usc digital archive

I just noticed the Friedman Bag Company is there as well.
Are those the ventilation fans you were talking about Scott?
Yep, that's them! Here's another view, from highway level, in this case Aliso Street:


Back when I was a kid, each of those ventilator fan things were painted a variety of bright pastel colors. They really stood out against the drab background of the gas storage tanks.

Anyway, your picture above is really fantastic. I guess that wasn't really freeway through there yet, though I'd think it would have been by 1952. There's evidently a traffic signal or stop sign there just beyond the Brew 102 building where cars are all stopped. And I love how Commercial Street is 6 lanes of one-way traffic in the foreground! Then 3 lanes veer sharply to the left and turn into Aliso/101. Great highway engineering there!


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