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I love these photos! I hope no one minds, but I decided to look up old photos of Long Beach at and share. It may not be LA proper, but it's at least LA County! They're not as impressive as a lot of the LA shots, but worthy of note:

Lincoln Park, 1920s.

Seaside Way, 1928. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think any of that exists anymore.

City Hall, 1930.

Aerial from the 1930s.

Another from 1932.

Pine Ave, 1930s.

Pine Ave, 1930s.

Ocean Blvd, 1930s.

The beach with the infamous Villa Riviera before the breakwater ended the waves, 1938.

This one is from the 1940s. I think those things behind it are oil rigs.

A panoramic, this time from the 1950s taken from around where the Queen Mary is docked.

It's hard to tell how much was lost in the earthquake and subsequent urban renewal, but I feel like aside from the larger buildings, a lot is gone.
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