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Originally Posted by Los Angeles Past View Post

Looking west on Second Street from Spring.


1905 - A nice close view showing the intricate exterior decorative elements of the Bryson block. Note the entire ornate top of the building has been removed by this time.

USC Digital Archives
Hmmmm... After looking at these two photos, it looks like a full story was added to the top of this building. I started counting the floors, and the bottom photo has 7 stories instead of the original 6. I'm thinking the top wasn't removed, but another floor was added and made into a different style. Very interesting. I wouldn't doubt that this was not an uncommon thing to do; I know of a building in Old Pasadena that had a floor or two added to it in the early 20th Century. The Masonic building in my town of South Pasadena also apparently used to be a shorter building when it was originally built.

On the flip side, there's also an old building in Old Pasadena that had its top floor removed.
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