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Plenty of room to build up

Originally Posted by M1EK View Post
No, we really don't have plenty of room to build up. When you eliminate the blocks covered by Capital View Corridors, the entire NW corner (Judges' Hill and points further south), the entire W side of downtown ("Market District" and other stuff east of Lamar), the Warehouse District is an uncomfortably large percentage of the remaining developeable land downtown.
According to the Downtown Plan, there is currently 30 million square feet of development downtown.

With existing zoning (including restrictions like the CVC, but not potential additional entitlements through CURE or Density Bonuses) there is capacity for 37 million additional square feet of development.

Considering that the latest boom delivered around 5 million square feet, it would take several development cycles to build out that much. Most of us probably won't live long enough to see that day.

There is potential for considerably more than 37 million square feet, especially when you take into account density bonuses.

To say that a single block of the warehouse district is an uncomfortably large percentage of the remaining developable land downtown is an uncomfortably large exaggeration.
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