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Great pics, ethereal_reality!

I never made the connection of "Trinity" Auditorium; I noticed the cross on top of that pediment, I assume it had some sort of church connection at one time? I've always known this building to be called the Embassy Hotel and Auditorium. There are plans to turn this building into a boutique hotel, but I don't know if the plans have fallen through. I think this building was also used in an episode of "Moonlighting."

Oh, and I did a bit of detective work, hehe. By looking at that old aerial photo you posted, I figured that the other building with the dome is/was the old RKO Hillstreet Theater on the southwest corner of 8th and Hill.


According to the caption, it opened in 1922 as the Hillstreet Theatre as part of the Orpheum Circuit, but in 1929 it was renamed the RKO Theatre. But because of the popular usage of the earlier name, it was renamed the RKO Hillstreet Theatre. It closed in 1963 and was demolished not long after.
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