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But for a bridge

AJC article

A proposed foot bridge over the Chattahoochee River to connect Sandy Springs with national park land in east Cobb has drawn hundreds of comments from supporters and detractors.... Currently there is no money identified to pay for the bridge.... Some opposed to the bridge worry that crime from Fulton County will migrate over the bridge to Cobb County...
Deep in their Fulton County lair

C: Man, Rocco! This is gonna be sweet!

R: Yep, just the break we've been looking for. Those Corn Cobbers won't know what hit 'em! As soon as the thing's finished, we make our move.

I: Hey, Rocco. Couldn't we just take MARTA now?

R: Nah, Izzy. They're too smart for that. We'll never get to haul our Cobb-loot on one of those smooth-riding omnibuses. They'll never let MARTA through.

C: Well, couldn't we steal a car?


R: Dammit, Clyde. You know how unreliable automobiles are! We'll stick to mass transit or our trusty sneakers. By the way, Izzy, your's are sharp!

I: Jing-jing-jah-ree!

Ten years later.....

C: Can't believe it's finally finished!

R: Yep, it took forever to secure funding but it turned out even better than I imagined. I think it'll handle a couple of guys carrying a 60-inch Apple Nano-desk.

C: Heh-heh. I only wish Izzy were here to see it.

R: Me too. Me too

In memory of Izzy

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