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More crime.

Kind of a non-descript Spanish-style home, but according to the caption on the LAPL website...

Shown is the Glab home of mystery at 12744 Ventura Boulevard, where Mrs. Glab claims she was playing cards with her niece when her husband was shot to death in a driveway on the opposite side. Photo dated: June 25, 1928.

I entered the address into Google Maps, and was surprised to see that the building still exists, though it's now squeezed between what I assume are two commercial structures of much later vintage.

This picture shows the murder scene and the death auto in the driveway near the Glab house, with Lieut. Edwin L. Berger posing to illustrate how Glab was found dying. He was found on the left side of the sedan with hat and key beside him. The door on this side was locked and the right open. Photo dated: June 21, 1928.

Detective Lieut. Hugh A. Crowley is lying on the floor of the office of the Village Theater in Westwood, where he was shot to death by two bandits on January 12, 1932. The two bandits waited for Crowley and fired when he opened the office door. As he fell dead, he shot the gun from one bandit's hand. Investigators at the scene believe the killing was deliberately planned.

This is an undated photo; my guess is that it's from the 1920s, judging by the clothes/uniform and car... but the caption says "Murder victim lying by the side of the road next to a car and a police officer. The man in the straw hat is Melvin Purvis of the FBI."

I like this picture because of the oil derricks in the background, which I find to be quintessentially LA from the first half of the 20th century. The caption reads "Investigators (left to right): E.H. Kennedy, unidentified man, Lorin Q. Martin, and Ralph Simonds are inspecting the body of an unidentified woman found slain one block off Long Beach Blvd, Monday, May 12, 1947."

If anyone has seen the Angelina Jolie movie "Changeling," here's a picture of the boy the story was based on, Walter Collins.

Here is a picture of the real Christine Collins.

The Walter Collins imposter: The boy who returned as Walter Collins pencils specimens of his writing, which proves he is not the real Walter Collins, according to Milton Carlson, handwriting expert. Later it was learned his real name is Arthur Hutchens, alias Billy Fields.

Here is a picture of Sanford Clark, child murderer Gordon Northcott's nephew, who first revealed the so-called "murder farm" and accused Northcott of killing at least three boys there. He declared he was held captive at the farm and made to assist in the murders.

Child murderer, Gordon Northcott

The murder farm in Wineville (name changed to Mira Loma largely because of the negative publicity from the notorious murders) in Riverside County, California
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