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Originally Posted by Wattleigh View Post
Also looks like they're going to use another type of vehicle, produced by CAF America, instead of the Siemens vehicles currently running along the Red Line.

Here's an image from METRO's Blog of the vehicle

And a page from the manufacturer on the vehicle.
CAF stats:
Consist: Five articulated boxes supported on three bogies
Doors clearance (mm): 1300/800
Doors per side: 6
Exterior width (mm): 2650
Height of floor (mm): 350
Length between bodyends (mm): 31260
Supply (Vdc. catenary): 750
Vehicle height (mm): 3390

Performance: Maximum speed: 70km/h, (43 mph)
Seating places per train unit: 54
Standing places per car: 221
Start up acceleration (m/s2): 1.2
Total power: 8 x 70kW (560kW total)

With a seating capacity of just 54 passengers, this is more like a modern streetcar than the Siemens light rail trains. Siemens S70 stats:

Rider capacity: 172
Passenger seats: 68
Mobility device spaces: 4
Bike racks: 4
Length: 95 feet
Width: 8.7 feet
Height: 12 feet
Weight: 99,500 pounds

Which probably isn't a bad thing because they will be running them in streets. Also note the lack of couplers, I hope Metro buys enough to have low headways on these streetcars, or most passengers will be standing. It might even be a good idea to sell the Siemens S70 trains to another transit agency which needs light rail vehicles, and buy more of these CAF streetcars for the Red line.

If these are good enough for Houston, why aren't they good enough for Austin?

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