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Lake Placid

Hi Folks,

I work for Lake Placid and I am troubled to see how much scrutiny we have faced over this access issue. Let us remember that the reason the plaza is elevated to begin with is to bury all traffic, parking and loading to service the buildings. This design is not only best practice environmentally but it serves to keep Saskatoon's downtown more livable by encouraging walking and the aesthetics of the core. Furthermore, let us not forget that this is being DONATED by Lake Placid at a cost of approximately $25 Million.

As for the handicapped access, I believe that a choice of two public elevators will be a welcomed alternative to a steep ramp in the winter. This design meets all codes internationally and truthfully is a better concept. If we were to provide a ramp it would be required to be 300 meters long to meet the proper slope. This means from the street level the people of Saskatoon would see a 300 meter ramp, as opposed to a store of coffee shop. Furthermore, let’s think about the safety issues of having an unofficial 300 meter "skateboard park" outside people’s homes and workplaces. The cyclists are a separate issue, as I am unsure why a person would want to bicycle around a busy plaza full of a pond/skating rink where there will be various sculptors and water features. However, that being said there will be parking for bikes.

This negativity reminds me of the LEED issue, where people are truly forgetting the remarkable change that we are bringing to the south downtown. That being said, we have a four page list of all of the environmental initiatives that we are following, which would fully qualify us for LEEDs. However, instead of spending the hundreds of thousands on the application for the LEED brand name, we are spending the money on public sculptors, historical memorabilia and water features. I am sure you will agree that this is money well spent.

The good news for the people of Saskatoon is that we are almost ready to launch our first phase of sales! This will take place in early October at our Sales Centre on the River Landing Site. We look forward to meeting all of you and we hope that you will register for an invitation at