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Pittsburgh: from the roofs of parking garages

So I did something I somehow never thought of doing before... I photographed Downtown Pittsburgh from the roofs of most parking garages Downtown. So these photos will offer a bit of an "elevated" perspective that is hopefully new to you.

but first... views from the West End Bridge... which is the first bridge crossing the Ohio River

Heinz Field: home of 5-time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers and 4-time consensus National Champion Pittsburgh Panthers

Mt. Washington condo towers... more are planned to join them... but NIMBYs have held up those projects for years because they're too tall... though they're not as tall as the existing towers... NIMBYs just like to wield their imaginary powers and hold back the city

The fountain at the Point is spewing forth pink water... in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

boaters enjoying Hell on Earth

Allegheny General Hospital... my second favorite institutional skyscraper in Pittsburgh...

North Side homes

Westinghouse Building

Gateway condos

Ft. Pitt Bridge with South Side Slopes in background

construction continues at Three PNC Plaza... a 23-story, 792,000 sq. ft. "green" mixed-use tower that will include office, condos, retail, and a Fairmount hotel

detail of ancient skyscrapers along Fourth Ave.

the vacant G.C. Murphy building across the street from Three PNC Plaza is being developed into apartments, YMCA and grocery

this historic but tattered block at Market and Fifth is being redeveloped into retail, restaurants and housing by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation

One Oxford Centre features several floors of upscale shopping and dining

a lush hideaway

shadows cast along Liberty Ave.

The Ariba building is a very attractive example of the International architectural style

gothic spires of PPG Place

Heinz Hall

Penn Ave.

The Sunroof of SixPenn Kitchen

Allegheny River bridges

The "green" Convention Center

North Side

PNC Park... home to the 15-consecutive-losing-season Pittsburgh Pirates

Head of the Ohio, a rowing competition took place on the Three Rivers earlier in the day

Gulf Tower

this residential tower was completed last year

Downtown's historic skinny buildings are going residential

a patio in the sky

The muscular Oliver Building is nearing its centennial

The Majestic floats past Station Square

the red tower is the centerpiece of Point Park University... a rapidly expanding university Downtown

playground in the sky

new condo tower (brown tower front and center) has just been completed

The art deco Gulf Tower lights up brightly

the oldest existing bridge in the city dates from the 1880s

the back side of Downtown

love this shot

The Cathedral of Learning looms over the Oak Hill neighborhood

bridges crossing the Monongahela

South Side

I bet his photos are better.

Allegheny River

George Washington and Guyasuta share an intense moment

sorry, it was windy

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