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I'm confident that this is what the building will look like (barring any relatively minor last minute changes).

As for the proponent (or one of the company executives ) being furious, I stand by that comment. I have it on very good authority. As can often happen, not everyone in a company has the same approach to secrecy, and, in this case, I imagine one person had no idea the second person had released the render, hence the fury. It's all good. There was a dust up for a couple of days, and, then, to the best of my knowledge, all was forgiven and things went back to normal.

I am also confident the building will be reinforced concrete. I think they briefly explored the possibility of wood frame construction, but, they obviously have discarded this idea.

I am also pretty sure the final floor count will be six and not ten, no matter how much people on this forum would wish otherwise. I think this decision is more financial rather than related to the health of any tomatoes.
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