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marsmanderl Jul 20, 2007 9:55 PM

Building Diagrams with MAYA 3D
hi guys,

some time ago I created a MAYA 3D reference scene with which it is quite easy to render building diagrams.

of course you need to have MAYA (version 8, but I could provide it for a lower version if needed) and some knowledge about modeling in 3D. as I've been in this field and working with 3D for quite some time I can of course also give you hints and tips about how to work with my file if you need.

the reference scene comes with the following...
* uses maya units / 1 unit => 1 meter
* a custom orthographic "renderCam" to render diagrams with 1 meter => 2 pixel (scale down by 50% in a 2D program like photoshop to get a 1m => 1 pixel scale as used on
* has two structures (buildings) included that I made just for fun... to give you some starting point for modeling

i will see if i can attach my reference file in this post/thread. if i can't you can also get it from here

that' what renderings will look like. if you want to experiment with lighting or whatsoever just go ahead!

have fun, Mig

M.K. Jul 21, 2007 10:30 AM

Very nice drawings. Each one has its own method. If you want to make diagrams for empty spaces here, go ahead, that you are also welcome. The effects are good. Open an account and insert your fantasies. :notacrook:

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