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->sOmEk! Dec 16, 2017 11:09 PM

Grand Tower (172/187m), residential

u/c, ca. 22 of 50 fl
epizentrum, DAF
the man from k-town, SSC
Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie Architekten

->sOmEk! Jan 4, 2018 10:35 PM

Grand Tower

According to JLL Residential Development 401 of the 412 units in the Grand Tower have already been sold. One owner has purchased the entire 47th floor to presumably form a single apartment of 574 sqm (ca. 6,200 square feet). Price request: ca. €16m ($19m).

Overall the Grand Tower project is highly successful and is getting a lot of -mostly positive- recognition by media and the public, esp. given residential towers in this scale are still rather new to Germany.

Just around the corner a couple of additional residential towers will follow. Interestingly enough a different investor is planning a 140 meter residential only one block away from the Grand Tower. The project name is "Grand Central".

->sOmEk! Jan 5, 2018 1:44 PM

Omniturm (190m), public+office+residential

u/c, ca. 8 of 46 fl

Morgan Stanley is the anchor tenant, expanding its Frankfurt-based business. US/UK law firm Hogan Lovells will also be moving to Omniturm. The offset levels from 15th to 20th fl will contain apartments.

Very soon the intersection of Grosse Gallusstr. and Neue Mainzer Str. will have some exciting perspectives to offer: It will be framed by four highrises in the four corners (170m - 115m - 190m - 109m), each edging the street.

Next to Omniturm a new Plaza will get created, see renderings below. By 2021 the four sides of this Plaza will be framed by four skyscrapers: Omnitum (190m), Commerzbank Tower (259/300m), FOUR II (173m), and MAX/FOUR I (228m+).

Overall it is a super dense construction site, with hardly any free space on the ground (the Plaza site belongs to a different project and still needs to get cleared). As you will see in the pictures the construction trucks stop in one of the two streets next to the tower and get directly emptied by cranes before leaving for the next trucks to stop by.
Telesniuk, DAF
Adama, DAF
Ahligator, DAF
Tisman Speyer
Tishman Speyer

->sOmEk! Jan 27, 2018 11:11 PM

Neuer Henninger Turm (140m), residential

t/o, 39 fl

The shape is a reminiscence to the original Henninger Turm from 1961. The old tower (demolished a few years ago) was a well-known landmark in Frankfurt. It was also the city´s first +100m tower. “Henninger" Turm because it was part of the Henninger brewery site.

All 209 residential units in the new tower have been sold prior to completion. The “keg” on top is containing luxury penthouses with 360 degree views. On the 38th & 39th floor will be a restaurant (“Franziska”, not open yet) and a public outdoor observation deck.

The lower building connected to the tower holds a brewery bar/restaurant, referring to the old tower and its brewing history. There are some stores for daily stuff (supermarkets, pharmacy etc.) and an upscale gym+spa incl. rooftop pool.
MetroSilesia, SSC
Beggi, DAF

->sOmEk! Jan 29, 2018 8:46 PM

WINX (110m), office

t/o, 30 fl

WINX is the final building completing the “Maintor Quartier” quarter, see rendering below. It is a decent filler imo with a slightly X-shaped layout. Union Investment is the key tenant. 100% occupied, incl. restaurants on the ground floor.

Susanne Klatten of the Quandt family (a billionaires dynasty, e.g. invested in ca. 50% of BMW) had purchased WINX prior to completion for €350m ($420m).
Tom Green, DAF
DIC Asset AG

->sOmEk! Feb 7, 2018 9:50 PM

Marienturm (155m), office

u/c, ca. 18 of 40 fl

The layout is unspectacular, but the color of the cladding is looking promising. Depending on sunlight it changes from silverish to khaki to classy gold. The four floor high lobby will be styled with golden walls. Skyline terrace on ca. 135 meters height.

The tower will become the new Frankfurt base of Goldman Sachs (key tenant). They are expanding their business and increasing their workforce by additional 700 positions.
Thomasfra, DAF
Thomasfra, DAF
Steffen9324, DAF
Beggi, DAF
Müller Reimann Architekten
Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH / Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

->sOmEk! Feb 13, 2018 7:03 PM

99 West (100m), office

site prep, 26 fl

Construction work starts Summer 2018. Terraces on 25th, 14th, and 7th floor.
Tom_Green, SSC

->sOmEk! Feb 24, 2018 10:26 PM

One Forty West (140m), residential+hotel

u/c basement floors, 41 fl

The tower will contain a Melia 4*+ hotel with 430 rooms in the lower and ca. 300 residential units in the upper part. Two public restaurants and skybar on 16th and 17th floor.
thomasfra, DAF

->sOmEk! Mar 11, 2018 7:52 PM

Update ONE (191m), office+hotel

u/c, pile foundation completed, 49 fl

Frankfurt is currently undergoing its biggest construction boom ever. Here comes another 50-storey tower under construction:

ONE is an office tower based on a concept with low rental prices and high flexibility for small corporations, co-working spaces and start-ups. Very different from the usual upscale business tower, more like a piled-up hipster community. A 375-room nhow lifestyle hotel will open in the lower 14 floors. Restaurant, coffee bars, a streetball court (?) and gym on first three levels. Incl. bicycle garage for >600 bikes. Public skybar on 49th floor with 360 degree walk-around terrace.
eibomz, SSC
ONE, CA Immo
Meurer Architekten, CA Immo
CA Immo
CA Immo
CA Immo

Rendering hotel lobby:
nhow, CA Immo

mousquet Mar 12, 2018 6:06 PM

Fantastic job, you Frankish guys out there. I'm quite a bit impressed, given the size of the city, pop wise.

We're picking up some short-term wealth from Brexit over here too, but make no mistake...
It will badly hurt on the longer run, if they can't cancel their insane Brexit.

Ça va être la douleur si on améliore pas l'Union. We need some elected federal government in Brussels.

->sOmEk! Mar 14, 2018 1:14 PM

Appreciated. Some myth busting on Frankfurt’s population size before moving back to images:

It is true the population within city limits is in the +700k region “only”. That is because other than most European metropolises the Frankfurt area has never been consolidated to form one single municipality (“Greater Hamburg/Berlin/London…etc.”). The Frankfurt urban area in comparable limits (city+directly neighboring cities) actually has a population of 2.4 million, which is probably a more accurate number to reflect its urban population size. The polycentric Frankfurt Rhine-Main metro area has reached almost 6 million and is constantly growing.

Visitors often recognize Frankfurt as “American” (whatever that means). In regard to its urban structure with a highly densified core city and a large cluttered suburban area Frankfurt is indeed more similar to an American city like Miami or San Francisco than to a European city:

Frankfurt Municipality: 736,000 [248 skm]
Frankfurt-Rhine-Main Metro Area: 5,822,000 [14,800 skm]

Seattle Municipality: 714,000 [369 skm]
Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Metro Area: 3,799,000 [15,209 skm]

Miami Municipality: 430,000 [143 skm]
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metro Area: 6,066,000 [15,890 skm]

San Francisco Municipality: 871,000 [121 skm]
San Francisco-San Jose-Bay Metro Area: 7,684,000 [18,040 skm]

Thanks for watching. Number crunching:

->sOmEk! Mar 16, 2018 9:48 AM

Bending in the canyon:
DerUlukai, SSC

->sOmEk! Mar 23, 2018 11:10 PM

Not only a record number of new towers but also several revitalization projects these days… Most of them are 1970s office buildings which get transformed into residential towers. Here are some examples:


160 Park View (96m), residential+hotel (previously: office)
u/c (revit.)

129 “exclusive luxury residences” in the taller tower (27 fl), incl. restaurant, bar, catering, child care, wellness center with spa, gym etc. in one of the most prime locations of town (Westend). 5* hotel in smaller tower (18 fl) with 140 rooms and long-stay apartments. The tower was erected without permission in 1972, then used for offices until it got abandoned.
160 Park View

Adama, DAF

Blue Horizon (70m), residential (previously: office)

u/c (revit.)

120 residential units on 20 fl, incl. restaurant, gym, spa etc.
Landes und Partner

Adama, DAF

Beggi, DAF

Riverpark Tower (95m), residential (previously: office)

c/s 2018 (revit.)

120 apartments, incl. 700 sqm penthouses (ca. 7,500 square feet) plus ca. 100 boarding house units on 24 fl. The current office tower is an example of 70s brutalism architecture, hard to imagine this one becoming a residential building. The construction scheme below outlines how the complete transformation will take place.
Riverpark Tower

Wikipedia free

construction approach:
Riverpark Tower

Fvn Nov 5, 2018 2:26 AM

From last week--

The Spin

and also Four Frankfurt


Grand Tower

Global Tower Redevelopment

Not sure what these are...
Corner of Junghofstraße and Alte Rothofstraße
I think on Adam Riese Straße

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