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treras93 Mar 9, 2008 1:58 AM

Scottsburg-A Sketchup City
New city! It's been a while but i think this is the one i'll stick with

There's lots of land to fill so i'll be back with updates in a couple of days!

also how do i edit pic size?

Ducov Mar 9, 2008 2:44 AM

This city has got some serious potential, the motorway, train and grid layout are great, the streets are going to create some really interesting buildings and vistas to go along with them.

I really like the fact you've got some mid rise buildings already there, it's going to produce realistic densities, as already demonstrated by putting the Western Bank building behind them, you get different different layers of reference.

I hope to see more soon! :yes:

P.S. what city, if any, are you basing this one on? I ask because looking at it I immediately thought of Boston, but I'm probably well of the mark. :shrug:

treras93 Mar 9, 2008 4:05 AM

[Quote]P.S. what city, if any, are you basing this one on? I ask because looking at it I immediately thought of Boston, but I'm probably well of the mark. :shrug:[Quote]

Actually, your 100% right! (however it's only the lowrises that will be based off Boston)

and thanks for the comments:)

Peter Mar 10, 2008 5:54 AM

They definately have the Boston look. Nice work. This city looks like it will be really good!! Stick with this one. :yes:

Dac150 Mar 10, 2008 8:15 PM

This looks very promising. The monorial and the layout are both superb. Please stay with this one, being that I'm already looking foward to the next update. Excellent start!

Austin55 Mar 10, 2008 11:20 PM

if the monorail was a train and it wasnt so watery,you could throw in some huongus solid glass lopsided boxes and you got Fort Worth!!

looks great!

Patrick Mar 11, 2008 2:31 AM

Can't wait for the next update!

treras93 Mar 12, 2008 9:28 PM

so... no update but i had a question for you guys.
Should i develop the city alot more and then post updates or should i update as i build?

its up to you.

Aleks Mar 12, 2008 10:01 PM

I asked the same thing too. If you start the city with just a grid then you have more updates. But if you start a city with already developed areas then the city becomes more realistic and you can add on to what's already there.

I think I'm gonna start with a grid on my city because I can have more updates.

You should too but there will be a time when the city size and details will make your computer lag.

Tanster Mar 12, 2008 10:02 PM

you should update as you build... update while its growing

treras93 Mar 13, 2008 12:06 AM

Alright i'll take your advice. There might be an update tonight but more likely tomorrow:tup:

treras93 Mar 14, 2008 4:40 AM

No major update just a few shots of new buildings and blocks

CMSM Tower: This Company provides a service that trains the management for other businesses.
Another Boston-like apartment
More Boston-styled apartments

also removed monorail and will be replaced later somewhere else.


Aleks Mar 14, 2008 11:17 PM

Wow, the last picture looks awesome. The angles are the buildings were just perfect for this picture. The windows on the second picture are a little small for the building but the CMSN Building looks nice and realistic.

And again, the last picture is awesome. I've always loved row-houses and most of the time when I model a house it's a row-house.

treras93 Mar 15, 2008 1:24 AM

Alright, another small update

just an overview
S&D (Smhitz & Darrel) Incorporated Banking: It's an online banking company
and just a shot to show the different heights and perspectives of the city buildings
Ground shot of Western Bank


Dac150 Mar 15, 2008 2:47 AM

I really love the realsim in this city. No non practical or unrealistic towers, just pure straight up realism. Keep it up!

Peter Mar 15, 2008 3:40 AM

this city is extremely NICE!! dac has it right when he says realism. that is exactly what your city is, very very real!! keep it up! i look forward to seeing more of this one for sure :)

neilofSD Mar 15, 2008 6:39 AM

Very nice. I agree with Dac and Peter on the realism, and the skyline shot was nice.


Tanster Mar 15, 2008 7:01 AM

The boston style apartments look great !!!!!!!

treras93 Mar 16, 2008 5:18 PM

Thanks everyone for the comments. there should be an update tomorrow!

treras93 Mar 18, 2008 2:05 AM

Yay! Update

Skyline shot
Here's a construction pic
Shot of the current tallest
Parking Garage that was built into an old abandoned building
New unfinished block that will be done in the next update
Just random shots

Please leave a comment, and enjoy!:tup:

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