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Trantor Jul 20, 2014 1:57 AM

Cacau Show store. From an SSC Brazil Projects Contest
This last week there was a competition at Brazil SSC forum, to create a store for Cacau Show (a popular chocolates store franchise here (Cacau = Cocoa)).

Since I had some time off this week, I could dedicate myself a bit for the challenge.

here is the competition thread

terrain that had to be used

* Needed to follow Cacau Show pattern of visual identification (not fancy, basically their only visual pattern is the light colored bricks and the logo)
* Space for the products
* Deposit
* 1 male and female bathroom
* small kitchen for employees
* small cafe
* Kids space (optional)
* Needs to show project drawings besides the renderings

here is the project I submitted





6 - service corridor to deposit of materials and gas canisters room (in theory, we could also have here a ladder to the rooftop and access to electrical and water registers, but didn´t have time for that.


8 - access to clients toilets and staircase to underground employee area

9 - view of someone climbing the staircase from the employees area below. Notice the window up there is the boss office

10 - boss checking out who arrived late :D

11 - mezanine/cafe








19 - view of staircase to mezanine space

20 - entrance view


underground - garage, deposit for boxes and freezers, employees toilet, employees kitchen (didn´t have time to furniture it), gas canisters room (gas is hardly piped in Brazil), and another small deposit under the staircase (door can be seen on image above

1nd floor (4 tables to eat chocolates, products displays and shelves, reception/sales desk, male and female toilets for clients, staircase to underground floor

2nd floor/mezanine (cafe, 4 tables, office (restricted access)


Vellu Aug 2, 2014 6:50 PM

Very compact building. I think the small floors have an effect of making every different space very intimate and welcoming and I like the feel. The floor plans seem very well though out and the interior desing - colours and materials - are fitting for a chocolate store.

The ramp to the parking garage looks awfully steep!

Trantor Aug 4, 2014 4:10 AM

well, it´s true. It´s 20º inclined, while normal for brazilian standarts (in public parking places, but I guess if YOU want you can make it different) is something like 9º.

however, 20º inclined ramps are probably not unheard off... and even a 20º inclined STREET in New Zealand!!

Check this street

Xelebes Aug 4, 2014 8:14 AM

I think the biggest issue will be with that ramp is the loading. Unless everything will be delivered by panel vans and not cube vans. Don't know many grocers who use parcels.

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