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Mike K. Jul 23, 2007 1:36 AM

Illustrators: post only 1:1 drawings in this forum
To keep your work safe, please post only 1:1 drawings in this forum.

We have a new policy in place that aims to reduce copyright infringement and diagram theft by asking illustrators to refrain from posting their high-resolution (2:1 or greater) drawings for public view. Due to past copyright infringement and theft of drawings, this policy is meant to protect illustrators work and ensure nobody with alternative motives has access to high-resolution drawings. pays illustrators when their work is used in a magazine or anytime comes along an opportunity to make illustrators money, so providing access to the public to these drawings gives people the opportunity to use your work or make money off your work with no money going back to you.

Please continue posting your 1:1s to share with everyone, but if you have larger versions of files please do not post them for public view although you are still encouraged to continue uploading them into the SkyscraperPage diagram system.

Thank you.

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