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arkitekte Jun 5, 2012 4:42 PM

AirTran Brand Remains At MEM For Rest of Year
Article from the Memphis Daily News

So, we're going to have to wait a while before Southwest officially comes in (although I did see a Southwest 737 on the tarmac as my flight was heading to the gate not too long ago; maintenance probably). I'm curious to see how many operations Southwest will have a day, and the pricing. That entire terminal (A, I think) is empty except for Airtran who only uses one or two gates for their 4 daily operations.

kingchef Jun 5, 2012 9:20 PM

southwest and delta probably didn't want to mess up their numbers during the two busiest travel weekends in the year. hence, they make no moves until after the first of the year.

as for the map, would that require buying up private land, under the right of imminent domain, and, if so, it seems that you're talking about a good deal of time? the ms legislature has already approved that huge development (riverbend development?) about 4 years ago. they extended the length of time by 7 years, due to the economy. however, work is being done on housing and other buildings in that area. supposedly, the development will provide housing for approximately 9,000 residents and their will be extensive retail, and water park, recreational park, etc. the way that map is presented would certainly carry the east-west traffic for such a development. i was under the impression that shelby county's part would hook up to what is already there for 71 w/in the next 2 or 3 years. i've been on the ms to ala section all the way to b'ham 2 0r 3 times. that east-west route may have been an add on. I-69 was quickly built to connect the casinos to the I-55 interstate. also, industrial buildings have already been built in that area. still, it looks as if it will take a few years to finish.

after reading the information regarding the airport conference, the 18 month study at a cost of 2.4 million, for a problem that even the crackheads on the street probably know about, i just decided to add these comments. again, it is not my intention to trash the leaders of the city or county, but it is ridiculous to spend money on a problem that is well documented, evident, and will get no better until leaders get involved, give directives about clean-up, and get the job done. i refuse to believe that no one knew what things looked like in that area over the last five years. i read the mpo outline for the airport over 4 years ago. at that writing, they seemed to believe that it was crucial to improve the entrance to the airport w/ the planting of trees, flowers, and construction of a better entrance for traffic. also, there was agreement that bill boards needed to be limited and plough blvd needed to be improved aesthetically. i think, if i am not mistaken, most of these things have been accomplished. i, however, agree w/ the speaker, who spoke about his 5 million dollar investment to purchase a headquarters building for the specific purpose of moving forward w/ active plans concerning the aerotropolis. i think he was correct, when he called out local leaders about failing to accomplish set goals, but seeing obvious failure in reaching local accomplishments in the concept. those things need to be explained to the citizens of this county. nothing but "foot-dragging." again, there is talk, talk, talk, formation of groups and appointment of consultants, but there is no sense of urgency in getting these jobs completed, these goals accomplished, and move on to other things. progressive business waits for no one. people get tired of hearing about the resources available, what can be done, being on the cusp of major accomplishment, yet we see relatively little progress. who is going to wait on the airport concept over the next 18 months, and when the recommendations come, will there be government leaders to read them?

one last question, has the city of memphis and shelby county undertaken any studies to get hard numbers of those supposedly burning up the roads to the airport at little rock and nashville? i think that it is important for the people of our area to know. by knowing, perhaps, the citizens of our area will make judgments concerning demands on our airport, what it should do or not do, or determine that it is a relatively insignificant number. i do, nevertheless, think that it is very telling about the 5 years, the investment in the building, and the apparent state of the vicinity. btw, i will say that most of the urban airports that i have flown from and to have been in pretty industrial and somewhat "dumpy" parts of the cities.

arkitekte Jun 11, 2012 2:50 PM

A few more articles from the Daily on this airfare mess.

High fares at Memphis International Airport have travelers seeing red

City Should Draw Line In the Sand With Delta

The first article is kinda lengthy, but its worth the read.

Its starting to look like Delta will keep a "hub" in Memphis and control the market in the foreseeable future until the economy drastically improves. Will another airline come in or offer more flights? Yes, but only to larger markets, or select markets that Delta serves. I doubt this will immediately improve what the casual traveler pays, but who know...

Also, I can't help but think that Southwest will only come in with a few operations a day. Any airline can come in and offer cheaper flights, but why would one offer a flight at $250 when they could offer it at $500 (only $50 or so cheaper than Delta, and still get the customer). Southwest can be extremely affordable, but only in certain markets.

But still, a lot of it is just your luck and when you book. In the past 8 months or so, I've flown to Chicago on AirTran for $254 (connecting at ATL) and to LAX for $178 (connecting at IAH), both round trip without using any rewards points or frequent flyer miles. Now the times of those flights have been odd, but that doesn't bother me when I'm paying next to nothing for round trip airfare.

kingchef Jun 11, 2012 10:55 PM

why can't these ongoing airplane mess be worked out in memphis, if it is not a big deal in other major hubs or cities? if demand is a problem, why would you not increase the market by offering incentives? build the market for travelers, as a market has been built for cargo. memphis is far larger than little rock, it is larger than nashville, after all they could not hold an international service years ago. why have a decent airport or make major improvements to it, if there aren't enough demands to use it? who is responsible? i think, the last time i noticed two or three years ago, the airport posted a profit of about 17+ million dollars.

why would a larger more sophisticated terminal, which is touted to be for increased service, improved runways, huge parking improvements, and other amenities be needed, if the airport has so little to offer approximately 1 1/2 million people in our metro? a good deal of this sounds as if it is nothing but politics. if memphis is an airport city, it sounds to me that you could go as you please, come as you please, not just "catch a ride at the back of the bus service." this crap about enplaning and deplaning...hell, it is an airport, and there are people to serve there. if not, get a board who knows about air service and build the traffic.

atlanta has this huge terminal that is being built, but i believe atlanta is beginning to experience the "peter principle." memphis, if it is an airport city, needs to get a hub that works for what memphis wants and needs: not what is necessarily best for atlanta at our expense. what happened to the gateway to the western cities? the overflow at jackson-harsfield, etc. memphis is a city w/ approximately 220 companies, domestic and foriegn. don't these business people ride planes?

seems to me that the whole things is a "push comes to shove." i think that there should be some push back, and that might involve memphis representatives doing some of the pushing. why in the world atlanta wanted to build a bigger terminal instead of creating another airport is beyond me, other than the city has gotten carried away w/ being the buiest airport in the world. they could have easily eased the burden by opting for two airports and using other airports, that are extremely capable of doing so, step in to disperse air traffic throughout the u.s.

arkitekte Jun 11, 2012 11:31 PM

^Its pretty close to being all political. The city and the airport authority are obviously covering Delta's back. If they weren't Frontier would still be here as well as a larger presence from American/United/US Airways. Now, when fares are way too expensive, they are finally offering incentives when fuel prices are out of the frame and no airlines are expending. Horrible.

arkitekte Jun 12, 2012 7:48 PM

Downtown board approves Chisca redevelopment tax incentives worth $5.5 million

Looks like this will get going pretty soon. $5.5 million in tax incentives will really help out the developers, as well as the $1 million loan for the attached parking garage.

Now lets just hope COGIC doesn't get greedy or want to complicate this process and slow all of this down. Pretty pitiful that they let the Chisca become the way it is.

kingchef Jun 12, 2012 10:43 PM

i just fail to understand that an economic driver of 27+ billion in a community would not make that fact alone worth working out a clear understanding about the airport and who it should serve. something just doesn't add up. this airport should grow and flourish in both areas of service.

i guess this situation is similar to the intermodal railroad and the intention, because of the memphis location, will become the u.s. superhub of the rails. when the mayor of chicago began to see what was happening in memphis, and when atlanta saw the amounts of investments in rail and the tonnage that was being dispersed throughout the nation, they decided they wanted a piece of the pie. atlanta didn't have the same kind of politics as chicago, so obama gifted them w/ 1.4 billion dollars to upgrade their systems in rails. again, the airport city idea has ruffled some of the self-interest feathers of the powers that be in atlanta. memphis will always be subjected to being treated like the red headed step child, if the powers that lead this region allows it to continue.

Johnny Ryall Jun 14, 2012 3:24 PM

Roxul to build $130 million facility near Memphis
Memphis Business Journal


Byhalia, Miss., will be the home of a $130 million manufacturing facility for Milton, Ontario, Canada-based Roxul Inc. The facility will be the company’s first manufacturing facility in the United States. Construction of the 600,000-square-foot facility is expected to begin later this year with production beginning in 2014. It will create 150 new jobs when it is completed.


Johnny Ryall Jun 16, 2012 7:17 PM

NuVasive seeks tax break for $75 million Memphis expansion
Memphis Business Journal


NuVasive, a medical device manufacturer focused on spinal products, operates a 123,000-square-foot regional office and distribution facility in Memphis, the first facility of its kind opened outside of the company’s California home.

Johnny Ryall Jun 16, 2012 7:17 PM

Work is well underway for another major Marriott location that will be opening in the Memphis market. It will occupy the former Holiday Inn Select tower on Poplar Ave. @ I-240 in East Memphis. Other major locations include the 15-story Marriott tower on Perkins @ I-240 & the Downtown Marriott @ Cook Convention Center/ Cannon Center which consist of an 18 story tower, 14-story expansion tower & soon-to-be 10-story expansion tower.

Marriott hiring as renovations continue
Memphis Business Journal


The Memphis Marriott East is expected to be open by Nov. 15, almost one year after Noble Investment Group purchased it. The $20 million renovation of the property, formerly Holiday Inn Select East Memphis, launched in March. Montgomery Martin Contractors is the project’s general contractor. The finished hotel will have 231 rooms and 12 meeting rooms making up 9,395 square feet of meeting space. The largest ballroom will be able to accommodate 350 guests.


Johnny Ryall Jun 16, 2012 7:36 PM

Loeb Properties expects construction at Overton Square parking garage by August
Memphis Business Journal


The city just applied for a $12 million building permit to construct the Overton Square parking garage at 2100 Monroe Ave. The city will bid the parking garage work next Friday. LRK Inc. is listed as the architect while Toles Associates is listed as the engineer. The three-story garage will have 450 parking spaces and the detention pond beneath will be able to hold 1 million cubic feet of water.

Johnny Ryall Jun 16, 2012 7:37 PM

Solar gaining power in Tennessee
Memphis connections contribute to rapid growth
Memphis Business Journal


A new report from the Tennessee Solar Institute reveals stats that are becoming obvious: The solar industry is big business in the state, especially in West Tennessee. “The Tennessee Solar Value Chain,” which estimates the growth of solar usage, manufacturing and employment in the state, says that in the last four years, Tennessee has grown its solar usage from one tenth of a megawatt in 2008 to 27 megawatts in 2012. One megawatt of electricity is enough to power 1,000 houses.


Memphis Bioworks Foundation used federal incentives to help fund the $3.75 million solar array that is installed on the upper floor of a nearby parking garage.

Johnny Ryall Jun 17, 2012 6:04 PM

I am impressed with this operation as it continues further. CEO Charles Wang was promising $1 billion of investment into the production of electric cars in metro Memphis. He has so far delivered on conversion of a large facility in Horn Lake, MS and is currently building a $75 million facility in Tunica, MS.

Bill Clinton to attend GreenTech electric car unveiling in Horn Lake
Memphis Business Journal


Based in McLean, Va., GreenTech opened the 376,000-square foot Horn Lake facility, which currently has about 100 employees, in 2010. The plant at 6266 Hurt Road is located about 10 miles south of Memphis International Airport. GreenTech also is building a $75 million, 300,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Tunica. The facility is expected to begin production by mid-2013. When completed, GreenTech expects to employ 426 people, including the 100 currently working in Horn Lake.


arkitekte Jun 19, 2012 3:44 PM

From the Memphis Business Journal
Final design may change for Beale Street Landing

I'm curious of how much more money will be spent on this. The way things are shaping up, this will be completed in another year or so, putting it 14 months behind schedule and way over budget. This is poor planning/development/investing at its best.

kingchef Jun 20, 2012 5:47 AM

well, i just read that memphis was on the "doesn't mean anything listing" for most violent crime posted by the fbi. murders didn't get us there, however, it seemed that robbery was the culprit that put us in the number 5 spot. obviously, a good many of these must have been carried out w/ the use of a pencil or the great stamp of the city of memphis, (you just fill in what department.)

if we could get a headway on the crooks in government out, and get them out of office, we might stand a chance of being left off next year. still, i am watching many of these approved projects 2 and 3 years ago and huge amounts of federal dollars, no buildings, no answers, no starting dates, steel keeps rising, fuel for jets in memphis is higher in the bluff city area, and we continue to see that we miss the lid on many projects, due to our own negligence and lack of urgency on important economic matters.

Johnny Ryall Jun 20, 2012 9:02 PM

I'm glad that at least the business continues coming in & the place is operational while construction continues.

Three more cruise boats to dock in Memphis
Memphis Business Journal


The American Queen will have some company at Beale Street Landing this year. The Yorktown, Grand Caribe and Queen of the Mississippi boats will be docking at the $43 million facility at the terminus of Beale Street.


Johnny Ryall Jun 20, 2012 9:15 PM

Federal government makes ‘iconic’ $14.9 million grant for Harahan Bridge project in Downtown Memphis
Memphis Business Journal


In March, the Downtown Memphis Commission approved $2 million in grant matching funds for the $30 million project that would repair portions of Main Street in Downtown Memphis, add pedestrian access to the Harahan Bridge (or ‘the old bridge’) and connect that to West Memphis’ improved Broadway Avenue. The project includes streetscape, utility, sidewalk, roadway, and drainage improvements along Main Street.


Johnny Ryall Jun 21, 2012 2:02 AM

Southbrook owners seek $6.8 million in city funding for overhaul
By Bill Dries
Memphis Daily News


The city is awaiting word on federal grant funding for improvements to the Elvis Presley Boulevard streetscape between Brooks Road and Shelby Drive. The malls would be anchors on the southern end of the renovation, which the city hopes would include a massive privately financed renovation of Graceland to include hotels, nightclubs and other resort-like development around the mansion.

(Rendering: Self–Tucker Architects)

Johnny Ryall Jun 21, 2012 2:14 AM

West Memphis wins $11 million grant for rail, port expansion
Memphis Business Journal


The funds will jump start the expansion of the West Memphis Intermodal project, which will increase the industrial and bulk shipping capabilities of the area. Specifically, the $10.9 million will strengthen current rail to allow for heavier cargo loads and extend the existing rail spur by approximately 13,500 feet to the base of the St. Francis Levee. This would allow access to the Port of West Memphis by truck and conveyor and provide for a multimodal transload facility to support expanded export cargo of bulk commodities.

photoLith Jun 21, 2012 2:16 AM


Originally Posted by Johnny Ryall (Post 5740958)
Federal government makes ‘iconic’ $14.9 million grant for Harahan Bridge project in Downtown Memphis
Memphis Business Journal


Just where I want to walk to, West Memphis, AR. That has to be the most horrific town Ive ever had the misfortune to take pictures in. I heard 3 guns go off in the span of an hour taking pictures of their "downtown".

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