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URBAN-CONSTANTA Nov 26, 2011 2:28 PM

Constanta -project and construction
Constanta (Constantza) is a romanian city with a population of 320.000 inhabitants within the city and almost 400.000 with the suburbs.
Second largest city in Romania both by population and development after Bucharest, Constanta city tends to become a major transition hub between Asia and Europe due to its terminus position on major European Corridors:
- IV -highway/rail
-VII -Danube river
Constanta is connected with the Danube river by the Danube-Black Sea Canal (third in the world after Suez and Panama). Due to the canal the Port of Constanta (largest at the Black Sea and 4th in Europe) has both maritime and river infrastructure.
On a radius of 30 km there are 2 airports: Constanta International Airport (CND) and Tuzla Airport (small, air-sports oriented airport).
The major infrastruture projects under development are the completion of A2 Highway (part of C IV)-summer of 2013 and the A4 -Constanta Ring Higway -May 2012.
The most famous neighborhood is Mamaia Beach. This summer resort is a magnet for romanian and foreign tourists. Due to its nightclubs, international concerts, festivals (like Fashion TV Summer Festival) Mamaia (also called Ibiza of the east) is visited by over 1.000.000 tourists each year.
After Romania entered the EU, Constanta has become an important point on the cruise ships routes.
Constanta is the oldest inhabited city on the Romanian teritory with a history of over 2.600 years, and it was founded by the greek colonists from Milet under the name of Tomis.
The city is capital of Dobrudja region, a region with almost 1.000.000 inhabitants, and an economy based on: oil (extraction and refining), wind energy (the new eldorado for wind energy investors with ongoing projects over 3 billion euros), nuclear energy, agriculture, wine industry, food industry, building materials, tourism, shipbuilding.
Through Constanta Port 75% of the romanian imports/exports take place.
Constanta, same as Dobrudja is an example of both ethnic (romanians, rroma, greek, italian, turkish, tatars, russians, chinese etc) and religious (christians, muslims, hebrew etc) coexistence for hundred of years witout any ethnic or religious conflict.
After this brief introduction, i'll present below the major on-going and proposed projects.

URBAN-CONSTANTA Nov 26, 2011 3:28 PM

Being the second most developed city after Bucharest, Constanta is a major development spot for international investors.
Due to the very small amount of traditional markets (skind of grocery stores) -9; compared with the rest of the major cities that have over 50 each other, modern retail took over.
Major european retailers are present in malls or stand alone box units.
-Discount market: 2 Lidl, 2 Penny
-Supermarket: 4 Profi, Billa, 5 Mega Image, 4 Alfa Beta (local chain),
-Hypermarket: Carrefour, Auchan, 2 Real, Kaufland, Cora
-Cash and Carry: 2 Metro, 2 Selgros
-DIY: Bricostore, Baumax, Praktiker, 2 Dedeman (romanian chain)
-Furniture: Mobexpert (local chain), Jysk
Many international retailers opened units in Constanta and after thathad begun the expasion in Romania.
Also Constanta has the largest number of shopping malls after Bucharest.

Tomis Mall:
-over 25.000 GLA
-it's a redevelopment (by Westfourth) of a former communist universal store

City Park Mall
-35.000 GLA/75.000 build
-developed by NeoCity Group

Maritimo Shopping Center
-currently the largest shopping center in Constanta
-major tennants: Auchan, H&M, C&A, New Yorker, Peek & Clopenburg
-3D cinema
-51.000 GLA/111.000 build
-developed by Immofinanz

-the only retail park in Constanta
-major tennants: Carrefour, Kiabi, Media Galaxy, Bricostore, Dedeman, Selgros

Now that you have the big picture let's go to under construction projects:

TOM Retail Park Expansion
-opening summer 2012
-14 box units spaces for rent (400mp to 2.500mp)

Corall Mall
-opening winter 2012
-to become the largest shopping mall in Constanta with 150.000 mp build
-Cora as the major tennant
-2UG+GF+2Fl+roof-parking and roof- iceskate rink

City Park Mall Expansion
-opening 2014-2015
-a new shopping wing with 25.000 GLA
-5 fl office building
-2 x 24 fl towers (residential, hotel, office)

World Trade Center
-opening march 2014
-multifunctional project
-2 shopping malls with a Carrefour
-ICA (institute of contemporary arts), 8.000 seats concert arena
-2 office buildings
-PArk Inn Hotel with Spa
-developed by Immofinanz

Constanta Plaza
-developed by Plaza Centers
-consists in a supermarket, a DIY unit and a shopping court
-opening summer 2013

Retail Park in the southside of Constanta
-it has no name yet
-Auchan hypermarket with a shopping gallery
-Le Roy Merlin, Decathlon, Kiabi

Other retail construction sites consist in: a second Kaufland, a third Lidl.

Other proposed - (construction starting) to be announced investments are: SPAR, Kaufland 3, Kaufland 4, OBI, IKEA and Hornbach.

Next to come: large residential projects and of course highrise projects :D

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 1, 2011 2:37 PM

Constanta Tower:


This skyscraper is proposed on Gate 2- Constanta Port cliff, near the historical neighborhood.

Developer: Chester Trade
Architect: Tago Architects
status: on hold

lake of the nations Dec 1, 2011 11:16 PM

Constanta looks like a very nice city!

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 2, 2011 9:33 PM

:previous: Thank you
A couple of days ago they started work at a midrise residential project.
It's situated on the seawall near Modern Beach and Tomis Yacht Marina.
With direct acces to the future Riviera Avenue (4 lanes coastal avenue - to be completed in the autumn of 2012), the project consists in:
-2 x UG+GF+16FL
-2 x UG+GF+14FL
-1 x UG+GF+12FL
-1 x UG+GF+10FL (hotel, spa)
Due to the fact that between the hotel and the rest of the buildings will be the avenue there will be bulid a pedestrian overpass.

The project is developed by Fincogero Spa Catania

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 2, 2011 9:41 PM

Fincogero Spa Catania, form Italy has under construction another large residential project, also situated on the seawall, this time near Mamaia Resort.

The project consists in :
-89 villas
-2 x 2UG+GF+15FL
-2 x 2UG+GF+13FL
-public plaza

The villas are almost finished, and they just started work on the towers.

The randers and a photo from the last week.

The towers are situated near a finished residential project called SPECTRUM
-5 x UG+GF+12FL
- spa, pool, restaurant, fitness

and at 300m from the Convention Center (in the first pic you can also see Malibu hotel 4* and Parc Hotel 4* and 14FL):

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 4, 2011 5:23 PM

Today i want to present you the largest romanian project ever build.
The Danube-Black Sea Canal.
This man made canal shortens the distance between the Danube and the Black Sea with 300km and aling with the Danube and Danube-Main-Rin Canal creates a paneuropean navigation corridor.
The D-BS Canal also has the role of cooling the Cernavoda Nuclear reactors 1,2 and 3.
The presence of this canal has helped the development of Constanta.
The Port of Constanta was build under king Carol 1 by the romanian engineer Anghel Saligny (wikipedia info about him). In the communist era the port knows a large scale development and becomes the largest at the Black Sea, the 4th in Europe and the 7th in the world.
After the fall of communism the port knows a dark period untill 2000.
After 2000 Constanta Port reclaimes his part as a junction between Asia and Europe and both local (like GSP, SNC, Oil Terminal, Rompetrol, Chimpex) and foreign investors (Dubai World Ports, WDP, etc) started new investments in the port. Dubai World Ports build the largest Black Sea Container Terminal." target="_blank">Video Link

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 4, 2011 6:30 PM

Curently in Mamaia there are 3 big public projects:
-the pier
-3 pedestrian overpasses
-the reconstruction of the seaside promenade
This 3 projects started last month and will be finished in autumn 2012, except for the pier -february 2012.

The pier has 320 m lenght and 10 m width, and at the end will have a platform for pessenger ships.
Pictures taken today by my friend Saila.

The 3 pedestrian overpasses are custom made to give more identty to the resort.

1. The yacht

2. The Wave

3. The trawl

The redevelopment of the existing promenade consists in:
-2 lanes road
-800 parking spaces
-pedestrian prommenade with fountains and plazas and a new and modern design
-2 outdoor scenes
-bike trail
The prommenade has 8 km from the Hollyday Village (in City Park Constanta) to Fratelli Beach Club (in Mamaia North)

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 6, 2011 4:44 PM

The work at the Riviera Project (a 10 km coastal 4 lanes road) will start this spring.
The first phase will connect the Tomis Yachting Marina to Fincogero Towers.
Also near the Pencil Tower there will be a cableway on the seawall that will link the promenade with the beach.

The next phases consist in new segments of the road and the most important and spectacular a suspended bridge over the sea and a small marina.

The first phase sketch :

The entire project :

Currently they are working on the final phase (in the fincogero project no 1 and will start working at phase one in the spring, leaving the bridge for the end.
The project should be completed in 2015.

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 6, 2011 5:22 PM

The last project for today: Tomis Marina.
The history of the yachting marina goes back in 1900's when the first breakwater was build and the marina had a capacity of 20 to 30 small boats.
In the communism the marina was redeveloped and the capacity increased to 120 boats and on the small breakewater they build a beautifull art deco style restaurant.
After the romanian anticommunist revolution in 1989 the marina undergoes decay becomming home for some poor fisherman and homeless people.
In 2008 started MIB Project -Marina Is Back phase one.
The boat capacity grew to 450 boats. The entire pedestrian are was redeveloped, caffes and terraces took place of the wood and cardboard shelters. A boathouse and service area are built same as 3 large parking areas.
Also the north breakwater was extended by 300m.
The completion of the first phase gave a deep breth to the entire historycall neighborhood. Almost all the medium wealth and rich people from Romania moved their yachts from the lakes in Bucharest to Constanta. Also the local leisure shiping activity grew and with it the first pessneger ships-Adornate and Kaptan M.
The most important sign was given by Ferretti who announced that after the completion of both phase one and two they'll move the entire Black Sea fleet in Tomis Marina.
Phase two will start this spring with the demoliton of an old and delapidated pedestrian overpass and the construction of new restaurants, a yacht club with a shopping center and a theme fountain shaped as a ship.

Those are the renders:

And images with phase one completed:

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 6, 2011 5:47 PM

Untill phase two, the last set of pics from phase one :)

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 8, 2011 8:52 PM

Another on hold project is Flamenco Residence.
2 x 2UG+GF+20FL
3 x 2UG+GF+19FL
They started work at the first 3 towers and when they reached ground floor they stoped.
The prject was in hold for almost 2 years but now they are selling half of the plot (it was supposed to have a park) so they can continue work.

The developer is Grand Via and the architect is Jose Smith Solaun.

URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 20, 2011 7:10 PM

Today I'll present you a large scale project. Mamaia Beach.
The construction is schulded to start in 2013.
The project is located on a peninsula near Mamaia resort close to Spectrum and Fincogero Tower Project 1.



The project consists in :

-a yachting marina (actually they are completing and old marina that is almost 75% done)
-5 * apart-hotel 17 storeys
-shopping center
-spa and health club
-2 x 27 storeys towers
-3 x 29 storeys towers
-1 x 34 storeys towers with roof top helipad
-multilevel underground parking
-a small pier


URBAN-CONSTANTA Dec 28, 2011 4:22 AM

Yesterday they completed work at the first romanian school of lifeguards and civilian divers
The school is sittuated on the shore of Tabacarie Lake (Tabacarie lake is in the heart of City Park; the northern part of Constanta lies between those two beautifull lakes -Tabacarie Lake and Mamaia Lake.), near a sailing school and the largest south-european extreme sports park - Gravity Park.

and this a view over Gravity Park

URBAN-CONSTANTA Jan 2, 2012 7:58 AM


This project is located on a former rugy stadium, delapidated nowadays.

Currently the county council is searching for funds to build this sports complex.

Architect: C3D Architects

1. Olympic pool

-2.500 spectators
-8.500 mp
-olympic lap pool and diving pool
-facilities for competitors
-public and VIP access

2. Gymnasium

-1.000 spectators
-4.750 mp
-cheangeable playing area for training and small competitions, hockey field
-public facilities

3. Indoor Arena

-10.500 spectators
-37.500 mp
-changeable playing areas for major competitions and cultural events
-facilities for competitors, artists
-public and VIP access

4. Other facilities

-72.800 mp undeground car park with 2.000 cars capacity
-surface parking with a capacity of 40 cars and 20 busses
-hotel with 80 rooms (160 people), 5.80 mp, restaurants and conference rooms
-pedestrian plaza, decorative fountains and landscape areas" target="_blank">Video Link

URBAN-CONSTANTA Jan 29, 2012 1:58 PM

They startted construction of a medium project with 10, 12, and 16 storeys towers and hotel, an auditorium and a SPA on the shore.

URBAN-CONSTANTA Feb 1, 2012 1:56 AM

Ground breaking at a new medium size residential compund (Green Palm Residence):

-25 apartment blocks P+3 and P+3
-17 houses
-1.000 sqm park with playground
-public pool and a restaurant

URBAN-CONSTANTA Feb 1, 2012 4:05 PM

Groun breaking at the 3 pedestrian overpasses in Mamai resort.
The 3 overpasses are custom made to bring more personality in the resort.
So here we have The Wave:

The Yacht:

and The Fishing net:

URBAN-CONSTANTA Aug 12, 2012 7:24 PM

Few short updates:

-Completion of the Mamaia Pier:

-An area south of the city near the A4 highway were already exist Dedeman 1 (a local DIY chain) and Selgros 1 tends to become a retail park after Carrefour and Alicante (local furniture retailer) announced a new project Mareea Shopping Center. It would be the third Carrefour in Constanta.

-LIDL started work on the 4th unit and Kaufland on its second.

-A new mixed use development has been announced in the northern part of the city 3ug+gf+23fl

-a new highrise was also announced in the central part of the city (Capitol district) it's called Constanta Business Center. It wil have over 30 storeys

URBAN-CONSTANTA Aug 21, 2012 5:00 PM

Ground breaking for a new project. 3X 10 storeys residential buildings and a lake marina are currently u.c. on the shore of Mamaia Lake.
A new residential building with gf+8Fl will soon be started on the seashore in Mamaia North.

Another residential project (2x 8 storeys) is proposed on the shore of Mamaia Lake.

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