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UrbanNebraska Dec 1, 2016 3:08 AM

LINCOLN | Block 54 | 15-17 FLOORS


A 15- to 17-story hotel and condominium complex will rise on the southeast corner of Ninth and O, the third tallest building in the city and a signature project linking downtown to the Haymarket.

The project will include two hotels and 40 to 50 upscale condominiums and penthouses, plus parking, a restaurant and bar, and event space, the Lincoln-based developers and Mayor Chris Beutler announced Thursday.

This will be the tallest structure built in Lincoln since the 1970s and will be the third tallest building behind the Capitol and the downtown U.S. Bank.
Journal Star

Urbannizer Jul 2, 2018 8:10 PM

City says Block 54 is at a standstill


LINCOLN, Neb. -- The City first announced plans for Block 54 in November 2016. It is an area set for two hotels and residential space near 9th and O Streets. Last November, Knickerbockers Bar & Grill was torn town to make room. Now, the multi-million dollar project may not even happen.

The City's Urban Development Department said at this point, construction isn't moving forward. The City of Lincoln said its price tag went up at least $10 million.

The City's Urban Development Department Director Dave Landis said, "The question is whether they can put the financing and the resources together to execute it."

The city council approved the project in April 2017.

Landis said the developers either needs to expand financing or downsize the project.

IMBY Jul 12, 2018 5:47 AM

Given the unattractiveness of the design, I'm not going to cry over this one!

Urbannizer Mar 26, 2019 9:35 PM



A $65 million hotel and condo project was supposed to be built at 9th and O streets.

But now, the Block 54 project isn't happening as is.

10/11 learned from the developer, Lincoln hotel group, it plans to still build two hotels and parking space.

But it's not going to build the high end condos.

The reason for smaller scale project, was higher construction costs.

But this delay, Isn't good news for some businesses downtown.

Lincoln Hotel Group told 10/11 on Monday there will still be a hotel at 9th and O.

But it will be 8-10 stories rather than the 14-15 stories.

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