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Tosin007 Aug 28, 2015 5:02 PM

Australia Demographics & Census
Hi Folks I'm from the Canada Section! I love Australia but I've noticed
that there are no reliable sources for the Countries Ethnic Demographics
anywhere on the internet, & the Australian Government has also not released much reliable information on the Subject, so I figured I would start this thread
to correct this & get more information from actual Aussies & Kiwi's (& others that have been to/ traveled to the country). I'm also
interested in visiting, (& maybe even living in Australia) I live in Canada
right now.

Australia Demographics:
Population's 2015:

1st Sydney: 4,927,259
2nd Melbourne: 4,465,055
3rd Brisbane: 2,327,552
4th Perth: 2,053,448
5th Adelaide: 1,321,791

(Those are all my Estimates as of September 1st 2015, will
add more later & too busy to get it done at the exact date).
Now for the Ethnic Makeup!

79.7% White people
12% Asian people
3% Indigeneous Australians
2% Black people
1.4% Other
1% Latin Americans
0.8% Bi-racial

67.1% White People
19.5% Asian People
4.2% Others
3.2% Black People
3% Indigeneous Australians
2% Bi-racial
1% Latin Americans

71% White People
18.7% Asian People
4.2% Others
3% Black People
1.1% Bi-racial
1% Indigeneous Australians
1% Latin Americans

79.8% White People
9% Asian People
4.5% Indigeneous Australians
3.5% Black People
1.8% Others
1.4% Bi-racial

80.5% White People
10.7% Asian People
4.1% Indigeneous Australians
2% Black People
1.5% Others
0.7% Bi-racial
0.5% Latin Americans

84.5% White People
8.6% Asian People
2.8% Indigeneous Australians
2% Black People
1.2% Others
0.5% Bi-racial
0.4% Latin Americans

The Rest of the Country has Black Populations below 2% Correct? :/

So Folks how close am I to being right?
Also I will have the Population Estimates of these &
a few other Australian Cities soon bye & enjoy!

Pinus Oct 24, 2015 12:53 AM

My apologies for this thread, folks. This poster has been causing lots of problems in the Canadian section with his trolling racial threads. He has been suspended for his posts. Please accept this apology on behalf of those from the Canadian section.


MolsonExport Oct 25, 2015 3:28 AM

Tosin, so you would choose a country to live in solely on the basis of racial population?

And if so, why?

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