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Thefigman May 8, 2015 10:51 PM

ANAHEIM | LT Platinum Center | FT | 28 & 26 Floors | ON HOLD

"Plans call for a mega-development complete with a 28-story condo tower, a 26-story hotel, a theater, alfresco dining and an indoor surfing park. The Anaheim project — planned on 14 acres at the corner of State College Boulevard and Orangewood Avenue — is part of a wave of Asian investment in large-scale Southern California developments.

Anaheim unveiled plans for the so-called Platinum Triangle more than a decade ago, pitching the neighborhood as a downtown for all of Orange County.

"Our entire goal is to create a sense of place for the Platinum Triangle … to get back to the vision the city originally had," said Randy Jefferson, an executive director for developer LT Global Investment Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Beijing's LT Commercial Real Estate.

The developer, however, must first cut a deal with the Angels and the city to secure the needed parking for such a large development. Adding another layer of uncertainty, the Angels have explored moving elsewhere as negotiations with Anaheim over stadium renovations have stalled."

Thefigman May 11, 2015 3:51 PM

Now that the announcement has been made, some think that this will sway the decision of the Angels as to whether they stay in their current location.

UserName01010 Sep 24, 2015 4:04 AM

Chinese company's development near Angel Stadium shrinks because Angels unwilling to give up parking spaces
Image Source:

"ANAHEIM – A Chinese development company on Tuesday said it could not reach an agreement with the Angels to use some of the parking at Angel Stadium – prompting the company to significantly scale down a proposed $450 million residential, hotel and commercial complex."...


Busy Bee Sep 24, 2015 4:12 AM

*shits pants*


Urbannizer Jan 14, 2017 5:08 AM

Anaheim, Angels say yes to $450 million project next to stadium

Oct. 19th, 2016


ANAHEIM – The Anaheim City Council and the Angels gave their blessing to a developer’s plan to build a massive, L.A. Live-like project near Angel Stadium.

The council on Tuesday unanimously approved LT Global’s LT Platinum Center, a $450 million mixed-use development that would include a hotel, high-rise office buildings, stores, entertainment, apartments and condominiums on a 15-acre lot on State College Boulevard and Orangewood Avenue in the city’s Platinum Triangle area.

“This is consistent with the original vision of the Platinum Triangle,” Mayor Tom Tait said. “This will draw and bring people in and be a catalyst for future growth. We look forward to this happening.”

The Angels were seen as the final hurdle for the development.

The council was set to decide on the project last month, but LT Global officials requested to postpone the hearing to work out issues with the Angels.

Blesha13 Jan 14, 2017 5:53 AM

Dodger Stadium needs this kind of development on their parking lots. So much potential.

Urbannizer Jul 12, 2018 11:20 PM

LT Platinum Center May Break Ground In Anaheim Later This Year

*June 4th, 2018


After receiving approvals two years ago, LT Global Investments is hoping to break ground on its massive $500M LT Platinum Center project next to Angel Stadium in Anaheim later this year, an LT Global official said.

LT Global CEO Max Yang said the Hong Kong-based company is itching to get started on the 14.8-acre mixed-use project but said the company is still studying the market before making a final determination on when to break ground. “Ideally, we want to start as soon as possible,” Yang said after Bisnow’s Future of Anaheim, Santa Ana and Placentia event Thursday at the Anaheim Marriott. “The market is great right now, the economy is strong and there is a new record-low unemployment rate but on the other side is how long is this going to last?”

Urbannizer Jun 18, 2019 7:59 AM

Anaheim Megaproject On Hold As Future Of Adjacent Angel Stadium In Limbo


The size and scope of LT Global Investments' much-anticipated $500M LT Platinum Center project in Anaheim may hinge on what kind of agreement the city strikes with the owner of the Anaheim Angels, city officials said. LT Global has yet to break ground on the massive mixed-use project next to Angel Stadium and in the city's Platinum Triangle area.

There is a chance, depending on what kind of agreement comes out of negotiations between the Angels and the city, that LT Global may acquire some of the city-owned land adjacent to the project, Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu told Bisnow Thursday before he spoke to more than a 150 commercial real estate professionals at Bisnow's Orange County State of the Market event. "LT Platinum is part of the ongoing discussions with the Angels," Sidhu said.

Sidhu did not discuss specifics. It is unclear under what circumstances LT Global would acquire the city-owned land and whether that hinges on the Angels leaving or staying on-site. An email to an LT Global official was not returned by press time. The Angels and the city are currently in the midst of discussing ways for the team to remain at the city-owned, 150-acre Angel Stadium site long term. The Angels opted out of their lease agreement last year but signed a one-year lease extension to remain in the stadium through the 2020 season to allow time to negotiate with the city.

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