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BG918 Sep 19, 2010 10:39 PM

Very nice, love Charlotte. I know it was hit hard by the recession, have things started improving there? It reminds me of my hometown Tulsa if it was a financial boomtown. :)

initiald Feb 16, 2011 3:42 PM

Two buildings still under construction:

UNC Charlotte Center City

Hotel Sierra

patriotizzy Feb 17, 2011 1:51 AM

Hotel Sierra looks nice. Beautiful design.

RobertWalpole Feb 17, 2011 1:53 AM

This building is a huge disappointment. The shape is great, but the glass sucks.

BrandonJXN Feb 17, 2011 7:48 PM

It'll probably look better once the windows are cleaned.

patriotizzy Feb 18, 2011 5:03 AM


Originally Posted by ThreeHundred (Post 5169128)
It'll probably look better once the windows are cleaned.

Lets hope so. I don't like it because of the glass either :/

colemonkee Feb 18, 2011 6:20 AM

^ Agreed. The massing and shape are fantastic, but the use of mostly spandrel glass nearly ruins it. If they used more transparent glass through most of the structure - like they do on the first couple of floors - it would be worlds better. But the current result is disappointing, especially because the building had so much promise.

initiald Mar 11, 2011 3:00 PM

A stalled development formerly known as The Park will be completed as A Hyatt Place Hotel and will include 67 condos along with the hotel rooms, and a rooftop restaurant/bar. The plan is to have the hotel open before the 2012 DNC.

Article in Charlotte Magazine

Large rendering of the building

patriotizzy Mar 11, 2011 7:44 PM

^^^ Not a bad looking building. As always (it's probably getting annoying to read this all the time) as long as the materials and facade are not cheap-shit, then it'll look nice.

initiald Apr 10, 2012 11:46 AM

Uptown’s Skye tower finally tops off; completion set for 2013

Uptown multiuse high rise now slated for completion in the second quarter of 2013
By Celeste Smith


The developer of a high-rise condo-hotel-restaurant project at Third and Caldwell streets is celebrating a milestone in the long-awaited project – the topping off of the 22-story building.

Small Brothers Charlotte LLC, the developer behind the tower now known as the Skye project, also announced a new completion timeline: second quarter 2013.

The last piece of steel supporting the rooftop was installed April 4 at the building’s tallest point – 310 feet from ground level – topping off the building, said Shane McDevitt of the McDevitt Agency real estate firm representing the developer.
Full article

initiald Apr 26, 2012 1:14 AM

Update 4/21/12

Skye condos and hotel construction:

The Hyatt House is a recently completed and now open hotel. Originally it was to be branded a Hotel Sierra but I'm not sure the reason behind the rebranding.

The UNC Charlotte Center City building was also recently completed and is now open.

Packard Place is a new start-up/small business incubator and co-working space. It was formerly a parking garage and Packard automobile dealership (hence the name). Look closely and you can see a few wind turbines on the roof.

This is Romare Bearden Park under construction. More than any other part of center city, Third Ward has way too many surface parking lots. Here a whole block of them is being turned into a very well designed park. The grass covered block behind the park is where the proposed AAA minor league baseball park will (finally) begin construction soon (I hope).

Bloc 90 condos nearing completion. This was stalled and on hold partially complete for around 4 years.

NYC2ATX Aug 6, 2012 9:06 AM

thanks for that update initiald ...I know this post is a little out of left field, but I'm considering joining some friends who are moving to Charlotte in the coming months, and frankly, for someone like me, it'd be reassuring to know that I'm moving somewhere that's active on the development front. Any updates or info on things going on down there? Is there even anything going on at the moment?

Thanks guys :tup:

Psych Aug 25, 2012 8:54 PM

I can't wait for Romare Bearden park and the baseball stadium to be completed. It'll be so nice for there to be less surface lots and a more user-friendly uptown.

Austinlee Aug 25, 2012 11:14 PM

great photos initalD. A couple cool buildings coming in. nice

initiald Oct 24, 2012 5:47 PM

Division 1 FBS college football is coming to Charlotte. The Charlotte 49ers are building a new, 15,300 seat stadium and will play their first game next August. They have already joined Conference USA and their football program will move to that conference after their two year provisional status. They will be full members eligible for bowl games starting in 2016. The stadium will be expandable to 25,000 with temporary grandstands and the stadium was designed to be expandable to 40,000+ seats in the future.,+2012.jpg
Source: UNC Charlotte news blog
Source: Wayne Brothers construction

initiald Jan 10, 2013 3:36 PM

A Charlotte update:

22-floor apartment building

Developed by Childress Klein, this breaks ground next week and will be located south of Mint at MLK Blvd. It is currently a surface parking lot and the apartments will overlook the under-construction AAA baseball stadium and the under-construction Bearden Park.
Link to the article

23-floor SkyHouse Charlotte

Basically the same design as the SkyHouse apartments in Atlanta. I think Novare is using the same design to save money and building this in several cities - one is proposed for downtown Raleigh as well. Located on the west corner of N Tryon at 10th, the site is an empty lot that was going to be a Fifth Third Bank tower that had started site prep but was canceled because of the recession.
Link to the article

Gateway Station

Houston based Hines was selected by the NC DOT to start work on detailed plans for the Gateway station project. Located around Trade Street at Wilkes Place, the multi-phase Gateway Station will include a new Amtrak and commuter rail station, Greyhound Station, CATS transit bus terminal, and future streetcar station.
Link to the article

initiald Feb 28, 2013 6:01 PM

The Charlotte Knights baseball team management has stated they plan to build a 125 room hotel with mixed-use space and underground parking. The 10,200 seat BB&T Ballpark broke ground last September but no timeline has been given for the hotel yet. The stadium will be completed in time for the 2014 baseball season.

progress as of 2-28-13:

In related news, a Greensboro developer has purchased land adjacent to the convention center and plans to build a 230 room Embassy Suites. No plans are available for that yet.

initiald May 20, 2013 7:26 PM

Portman Holdings plans 15-story office building in uptown Charlotte
The office building is to the right of the Westin hotel. Photo via Portman Holdings, this was an earlier rendering of the project before it was put oh hold. Link.

Portman Holdings plans to move forward with a new 15 floor office building. The building will be located next to the Westin Hotel. When the hotel was built, the foundations were put in place for another building next door, thought at the time to be either residential condos or an office building. This means that once they are ready to begin construction they are ready to go vertical immediately. They plan to sign 50% occupancy then begun construction.

Link to article

initiald Jun 25, 2013 12:27 PM

Construction continues on the new Charlotte Knights AAA baseball stadium uptown. The stadium will open for the 2014 season.

initiald Aug 22, 2013 2:45 PM

Charlotte metro gets second commercial airport

Not only does the Charlotte metro have the 8th busiest airport in the nation, it now has a second airport offering commercial flights.

Concord Regional Airport, located approximately 15 miles from downtown Charlotte, announced today Allegiant Air will begin twice weekly service to Orlando Dec. 20th. This will be the first commercial service offered at Concord Regional which has been the busiest non-commercial airport in the state.

Temporary walls will be put in place for security screenings with plans in place to build a 10,000 sq. ft. passenger terminal. MD88 has been mentioned as the plane being used.

More information

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