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cardeza Mar 3, 2020 8:02 PM


Originally Posted by TempleGuy1000 (Post 8849395)
Lol the Toll bros. aren't redeveloping this.. It's the Post Brothers and they redoing the factory before building the two apartment buildings. They own the north side of the 800 and 900 blocks of poplar. APOM is the developer of the new buildings on that 800 block that Post Brothers owns.

that project is moving SLOWLY. When I pass by in the morning I see like 5 guys on site.

TempleGuy1000 Mar 3, 2020 8:15 PM


Originally Posted by cardeza (Post 8849503)
that project is moving SLOWLY. When I pass by in the morning I see like 5 guys on site.

It's unsurprising. This building has been through litigation hell.

Trade union politics derail N. Philadelphia apartment proposal


When the board rejected a developer's proposal last week to build apartments in a vacant West Poplar warehouse zoned for industrial use, it didn't merely condemn a blighted building to stand empty. Its 4-to-1 vote also killed an innovative agreement that would have created dozens of good-paying jobs for minorities.

Unlike the deal Kenney arranged, this one was reached directly between the community association, Richard Allen Homes New Generation, and the developer, Post Bros., specifically for the conversion of the massive Quaker warehouse and Ninth and Poplar. Post's owners, Matt and Mike Pestronk, pledged that 50 percent of the construction crew for the $100 million project would be black, Hispanic, or Asian, and that 10 percent of the total workforce would come from the West Poplar area. The outcome thrilled the largely African American neighborhood, said Bruce Crawley, a former neighborhood resident who helped found the civic association and helped broker the agreement.

The catch is that Post would need to employ significant numbers of nonunion workers to meet those ambitious hiring targets because so few minorities have been admitted into Philadelphia's insular building trades.

The deal did not sit well with the five-member Zoning Board, which is dominated by union officials, including Anthony Gallagher, business manager of Steamfitters Local 420, and Confessor Plaza, a field representative with Laborers' Union Local 57.
A few months late:
Court Strikes Down Zoning Board's Political Ruling in Quaker Building Case


In this case, the No vote was entirely political. The building trades have a controlling vote on the ZBA, and at the hearing, things started going south for the Quaker proposal after a project supporter brought up that Post had struck a minority hiring agreement as a condition for receiving support from one of the RCOs, Richard Allen Homes. The project supporter saw this as a selling point, but for the ZBA it was a major demerit since the building trades members are mostly white men from the suburbs of Philly and South Jersey. ZBA members discovered a newfound sentimentality for industrial uses and voted it down.

The Board was nearly embarrassed into holding a rare revote after they received a lot of critical media attention, but then they declined to do that, leaving the issue to the Court of Common Pleas to decide. Now the Court has decided, and they reversed the ZBA's decision.

mcgrath618 Mar 3, 2020 8:43 PM


Originally Posted by El Duderino (Post 8849394)
I hate to be the "well, actually" guy, but I believe that's a Post Bros project, not Toll Bros :cheers:

No, by all means, I deserve it.

RowanGrad Mar 10, 2020 1:48 PM

Hey everyone I'm a construction inspector for SEPTA and have been assigned to this project for the next couple of weeks. I'm here while they set up scaffolding for the 9th street side of the Quaker Building (which sits above the railroad aqueduct) in order to redo the window sills.

I've heard from a Post employee that they plan to finish the lobby and upper floors first and have people move in while the lower floors are still being worked on. I don't know anything about an expected date for that, but if I find out anything more I will let you guys now.

In regards to the new buildings, the employee I talked to (who is a construction supervisor) didn't even have any idea of what they're planning. I got the impression from him that Post is really prioritizing the Piazza Pod Park project at the moment, so they probably won't finish here until that is done.

P.S. I took a bunch of pictures of both the Quaker Building exterior and the 6th floor interior but I was having trouble making a Flickr account so hopefully I'll have a post including those soon.

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