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SD_Phil Sep 3, 2007 5:51 AM


Originally Posted by eburress (Post 3045493)
^^ That mid-rise isn't a mid-rise so to speak. It is the parking structure.

They must be having a tough time installing that spiffy new radar at Miramar because they still haven't made any vertical progress on the office tower.

Thanks for clarifying! I couldn't tell from the render how far behind the lowrise the other building was. I saw columns and assumed midrise.


My guess is somewhere west of I5 along, or off of, Gilman Drive between Evening Way and Villa La Jolla Drive. Probably east of Gillman tho. Maybe off of a roof or a balcony from one of the condo's there.
I was west of the 5 on La Jolla Scenic Drive (it earns its name) just south of La Jolla Village Drive.

eburress Sep 4, 2007 12:11 AM

^^ This is more along the lines of how the University City buildings should be constructed IMO (photo from Bellevue) - not that crappy ass stucco. At least Commons is doing it "right."

Derek Sep 4, 2007 2:09 AM

^I was excited until I read the Bellevue part.

bmfarley Sep 4, 2007 3:56 AM


Originally Posted by Derek loves SD (Post 3046477)
^I was excited until I read the Bellevue part.

Me too.

mello Sep 4, 2007 11:55 PM

Have to agree about UTC/Bellevue Comparison
When analyzing other metro areas "secondary highrise districts" UTC is pretty weak. For a metro area of 3.6 million our secondary skyline is not up to par.

Minneapolis has St. Paul, Seattle has Bellevue, Toronto has Mississauga, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston all have many highrise areas.

I don't know why developers have been allowed to get away with such cheap looking buildings. UTC desperately needs a nice tower that is 400 feet plus to shake it of its dated look.

Regarding the hotel boom downtown: I think this is definitely a good thing, I really want the Marriot proposal at Ballpark Village to go through because without that East village may not see anything of significant height for a long time.

500 foot towers in that part of downtown would really add depth to the skyline and give it a third focal point. Right now I think the two focal points are the C street dense corridor and the corridor along Kettner and PCH from Electra over to Bayside.

What is the latest on the Marriot project??

keg92101 Sep 5, 2007 2:56 AM


Originally Posted by mello (Post 3047585)

Regarding the hotel boom downtown: I think this is definitely a good thing, I really want the Marriot proposal at Ballpark Village to go through because without that East village may not see anything of significant height for a long time.

What is the latest on the Marriot project??

To want a project to go through just for the sake of projects going through is not good policy. Those towers have hideous architecture, and while I think a major Convention Center Hotel is a good thing for the East Village (that area in particular) they need to rearange the program to include more retail. As of right now, there is only 5,000 SF on the ground floor!!! They do have 22,000 SF of restaurant, but it is not on the ground floor.

HurricaneHugo Sep 5, 2007 8:18 AM

what? there was a 4.0 earthquake today in the morning?

aww nuts i missed it :(

bmfarley Sep 5, 2007 2:42 PM


Originally Posted by HurricaneHugo (Post 3048238)
what? there was a 4.0 earthquake today in the morning?

aww nuts i missed it :(

I was in a stell office building downtown. The ride was cool... my 2nd there.

eburress Sep 5, 2007 4:45 PM

^^ Darn - I didn't feel it! :(

SDCAL Sep 5, 2007 10:11 PM

Cosmo Square
I felt the queake downtown, it was a short-lived ride here though

On another note, and please read the disclaimer first:

DISCLAIMER - while the people working at the CCDC office are very friendly, they seem to know even less than what we do form pooling information on this board. I have obtained information there that has not turned out to be true in the past.

With that disclaimer said, let me relay what I was told after inquiring about several projects and their status:

Cosmo Square - I was told this has been sold but is still going forward with the same building plan

Library tower - I was told this was still going to proceed; the people did not seem to have heard of it switching to a hotel, though, which makes me wonder if they don't have the latest information

Main Library - this is the one they were most skeptical about. They said that many people who come in to view the projects complain about the design and that they are still trying to get enough donations to proceed

Embassy1414 - they said this is scheduled to begin construction "very soon"

Federal Courthouse - they said it will still proceed, but it's been scaled down a bit (not as tall) [was asd to hear this because the model showing the original size looks great]

Office building by Petco park - they mentioned an office building designed to resemble the Onmi to flank the ballpark on the opposite side across form the Omni, don't recall seeing any plans on that

Nave Broadway Complex - they said the building that is on the same block as the proposed park needs to be re-designed because it has too much "open space" (a tower on top of a broader lower platform, the tower area needs to be filled in more is what they said).

Anyhow, that was what I got from my inquisitions at the CCDC office today. Like I said, the people were extremely friendly and willing to talk but I didn't feel comfortable the information was all 100% accurate. I hope it is because they seemed pretty optimistic on everything except the main library

mello Sep 5, 2007 10:23 PM

Of course I don't want a project just going through for the hell of it keg. I haven't seen the renderings of the Marriott towers, have they been posted here?? I don't think they have. Anyway I want them to have a nice design and a large amount of street level retail which I think they will have once the final proposal is approved.

Concerning an office building built to mirror the Omni: Sounds ok but why not go with something original. I remember there was a proposal about 4 years ago for an office tower on land that is now a parking lot and it did have a curvy side that resembeled Omni, but this was back in 2002 maybe....

SDCAL Sep 5, 2007 11:08 PM

update on possible Luthansa flights from Lindbergh Field
Posted date: 9/3/2007

Lindbergh Field To Lufthansa: ‘Come Fly With Us’

Regional Airport in Talks to Land German Carrier

San Diego Business Journal Staff

If the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s efforts to lure Lufthansa are successful, the German airline could be the first European carrier to land at Lindbergh Field since British Airways packed its bags and left for the last time in October 2004.

Hampton Brown, who manages the Airport Authority’s route services department, said that talks with the Cologne, Germany-based airline are ongoing and that the agency had recently asked various community organizations, including the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, to send letters to the company voicing support.

“That initiative is one where we need community support to impart to the carrier that we need European service here,” Brown said.

Lufthansa is Europe’s largest airline and the sixth largest in the world with service to nearly 200 destinations in 100 countries around the world. While the carrier’s fleet includes The Boeing Co.’s 747 aircraft that would not be suitable for service to San Diego, its smaller, 247-seat Airbus A310s would be, he said.

Brown declined to speculate on the likelihood of landing the carrier.

“Lufthansa has a lot of opportunities, so it is a very competitive situation,” he said. “They’re (Lufthansa) setting their schedule for next summer soon, and I wouldn’t say there’s a high probability we’ll be in the mix for next year, but 2009 may be a possibility. But we’re in the early stages with this.”

David Peckinpaugh, president and chief executive officer of ConVis, said that in 1999 the county tallied a record 807,000 overseas travelers, an increase of 3.2 percent from 1998. In 2006, the figure had dropped to 650,000.

Nonetheless, figures that the Airport Authority keeps show that there are total of 1,200 passengers a day bound for Europe, including those coming and going from Lindbergh Field.

“That’s more than sufficient in our view to support daily service to a European hub,” Brown said. “San Diego is the largest U.S. city in terms of market size and passengers today without service to Europe.”

Staying Longer, Spending More

The United Kingdom, Germany and Japan are the biggest suppliers of the county’s overseas visitors. The average amount each overseas visitor spends per five-night trip is about $565, compared with an average of $435 that a domestic traveler spends for three-night trips, according to ConVis.

International travelers typically spend more, Peckinpaugh said, because they stay for longer durations.

Brown said that the Airport Authority is pursuing other European and Asian carriers and that Chicago-based Boeing’s new wide-body, twin-engine, 787-8 aircraft helps to open those doors because it appears to be a perfect fit for Lindbergh Field.

In its basic configuration, the 787-8, which was rolled off the factory floor in July for a preview, will have from 210 to 250 seats. Airlines will vary in the number of seats they have for the same plane.
“That’s the perfect size for (accommodating) the San Diego to European and Asian markets,” he said.

He declined to name the airlines that the agency is courting, saying that doing so could tip off competing airports and possibly give them an edge.

“This is like recruiting a factory or a corporation to San Diego,” Brown said. “These assets are limited assets and they’re very valuable.”

Demand For 787s

According to a Boeing spokesman, several European and Asian airlines have orders in for the 787s. These include All Nippon Airways — known as ANA — Japan Airlines, Korean Air and Air Berlin, as well as five Chinese airlines. There are three models, the 787-8, 787-3, which is for short hauls, and 787-9 which accommodates up to 290 seats, but the list does not specify which models the companies ordered.

Currently, international routes from Lindbergh Field are served by AeroMexico, which flies nonstop once daily to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California; Air Canada, which has once daily nonstop flights to Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Air Canada’s Jazz, a regional airline that operates once daily nonstop flights to Vancouver, British Columbia; and Alaska Airlines, which flies once daily nonstop to Cabo San Lucas. US Airways Express also flies a once-weekly route on Saturdays to Puerto Vallarta, Baja California, and another once-weekly Saturday flight to Cabo San Lucas. Both of those are nonstop flights as well. In December, Frontier Airlines will start a seasonal route to Mazatlan on Saturdays only.

Meanwhile, the Airport Authority is studying the feasibility of locating a cross-border airport terminal linked to Tijuana’s Rodriguez International Airport. The study will cost $385,000.

Derek Sep 6, 2007 12:18 AM


Office building by Petco park - they mentioned an office building designed to resemble the Onmi to flank the ballpark on the opposite side across form the Omni, don't recall seeing any plans on that
One Park Blvd. anybody?

Derek Sep 6, 2007 12:19 AM

I would be so stoked if Lufthansa flew here.

Derek Sep 6, 2007 1:08 AM

Anybody know when Virgin America is supposed to begin service here?

eburress Sep 10, 2007 11:19 PM

Did anything happen while SSP was down?

Derek Sep 10, 2007 11:52 PM

Nothing at all.

bmfarley Sep 11, 2007 2:19 AM


Originally Posted by eburress (Post 3049731)
Did anything happen while SSP was down?

Nope... other than a foo foo parking article in today's UT. I saw that Keg92101 must have been jonsing to post something... her did there.

HurricaneHugo Sep 11, 2007 7:03 AM


Originally Posted by eburress (Post 3049731)
Did anything happen while SSP was down?




Let me go find the article, this will change things quite a bit!:notacrook:

SDCAL Sep 11, 2007 7:07 AM

Cosmo/library tower
So, as I posted earlier, the CCDC office told me last week that Library Tower is still a go and Cosmo Square was sold but the purchasers plan to keep the same design

Since I don't trust what they say 100% and since it seems like some people on this board have good connections, can anyone confirm/deny these??

I really hope Cosmo does go through with the same, or similar design. It would really spruce up that block which is in dire need of activity :cool:

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