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texboy May 26, 2005 3:25 PM

SAN ANTONIO | Projects and Construction
Updated: 10/20/08

Update 10/20/08 - Added Drury Plaza Hotel Stone Oak
[u]Update 3/18/08 - Added JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa I & II to "under construction".[/url]
Update 2/21/08 - Added Tesoro Headquarters and The Broadway to "under construction"
Update 7/2/07 - Added Loma Vista Condominiums

San Antonio's Skyscraper Boom:

  • Buildings that are listed here as highrises are known to be atleast 115 feet tall from information obtained through construction documents at the construction site, developer's presentations and newspaper articles.
  • The heights and information for these projects will likely change as these projects progress.
  • TO = Topped out.

color code:

red = over 1,000 ft <-- ? :banana:
darkblue = 900 - 999 ft
olive = 800 - 899 ft
magenta = 700 - 799 ft
green = 600 - 699 ft
blue = 500 - 599 ft
brown = 400 - 499 ft
chocolate = 300 - 399 ft
purple = 200 - 299 ft
Black = under 200 ft



     Name                                         Use            Struct. Ht.      Mainroof     Flrs.    Year

Under construction:
  1. Grand Hyatt San Antonio                      Hotel/Res.     424 ft           389 ft       34       2008 Website: R/H  Downtown    Convention Center District
  2. Vidorra I                                    Residential    ??? ..           ??? ..       22       2007    Website    Downtown    Saint Paul Square
  3. Broadway San Antonio                         Residential    ??? ..           ??? ..       20       2009    Website    Northside   Uptown Broadway
  4. The Vistana                                  Residential    ??? ..           ??? ..       14       2008    Website    Downtown
  5. Tesoro Headquarters                          Office         ??? ..           ??? ..       14       2009    .......    Northside
  6. Courtyard by Marriott                        Hotel          ??? ..           ??? ..       17       2007    .......    Downtown
  7. Drury Plaza Hotel Stone Oak                  Hotel          ??? ..           ??? ..       12       2009    .......    NW.Side
  8. Drury Inn & Suites San Antonio Northwest     Hotel          ??? ..           ??? ..       10       ????    .......    NW.Side
  9. JW Marriott S.A. Hill Country Resort & Spa I Hotel          ??? ..           ??? ..       9        2010    Website    Northside
  10. JW Marriott S.A. Hill Country Resort & Spa IIHotel          ??? ..           ??? ..       8        2010    Website    NW.Side
  11. Medical Arts & Research Center               Hospital       ??? ..           ??? ..       8        2008    .......    North Side   S.Texas Med. Cen.


     Name                                         Use            Struct. Ht.      Mainroof     Flrs.    Year

Site prep/Demolition:


     Name                                         Use            Struct. Ht.      Mainroof     Flrs.    Year

  1. Vidorra II                                   Residential    ??? ..           ??? ..       22       2008    Website
  2. Piazza San Lorenzo                           Office         ??? ..           ??? ..       12       ????    Website


     Name                                         Use            Struct. Ht.      Mainroof     Flrs.    Year

  1. 319 East Houston Street                      Hotel/Res.     311 ft           ??? ..       27       ????
  2. South Texas Med. Center Research Tower       Office         ??? ..           ??? ..       20       ????
  3. San Antonio Aloft Hotel                      Hotel          188 ft           173 ft       15       ????
  4. 120 Villita Street                           Office/Res.    ??? ..           ??? ..       16       2009
  5. Embassy Suites San Antonio Riverwalk         Hotel          ??? ..           ??? ..       16       2008
  6. Hotel Talavera                               Hotel/Res.     ??? ..           ??? ..       13       2008
  7. Loma Vista Condominiums                      Residential    ??? ..           ??? ..       9        ????



  • - Click on the thumbnails to view the full sized image in a new window.
  • - Asterisk indicates that building is under renovation

Under Construction:

Grand Hyatt San Antonio - 425 feet - 34 floors - 2008

Vidorra I - 22 floors - 2008

Broadway San Antonio - 20 floors - 2009

The Vistana - 14 floors - 2008



Piazza San Lorenzo - 12 floors - ????



Hotel Talavera - 13 floors - 2008


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San Antonio Downtown Update


Originally Posted by texboy
Here is a list so far of what I can find right now in news articles and off the top of my head.


- Fair field Resorts at La Cascada. This is a 10 story condo project with units ranging in size from 800sf to 1400 sf and to be sold at 225 to 300 dollars per sf. This sits right next to the now almost fully bought and leased La Cascada tower on the river walk.

- Neisner Building Condos. 40 Luxury Condos will fill the soon to be renovated Neisner Building at the Corner of Broadway and Houston Streets.

- Dillards Lofts. 62 Condos are planned to go in over the Dillards department store downtown. (This one may be stale at the moment, bc the mall has new owners)

- 32 story lofts. The only information I have on this at this time is that the structure will be 32 stories and will be "across from the Alamodome." It is supposed to break ground sometime during the first quarter of 2006.


Feel free to add on!!! These projects are mostly off the top of my head!

starvinggryphon May 26, 2005 5:50 PM

Can you give anymore info on the 32 story tower across from the Alamodome? I have heard nothing about this. Any sources?

texboy May 26, 2005 6:35 PM

My source is the Vice President of Yates Construction Company here in SA. I am currently looking for more info on it.

starvinggryphon May 26, 2005 7:16 PM

If it is built on the other side of I-37 it would be our new tallest outside of downtown........hell it would be one of the tallest period.

SayTownboy May 26, 2005 7:38 PM

Across from the Alamodome kind of makes me think it'll be somewhere in the Saint Paul Square.

I know they want to turn that area into a major 24/7 entertainment district.

With House Of Blues there and street construction going on to widen the roads, I'd venture to guess that's where the 32 story would go.

texboy May 26, 2005 7:59 PM

That would make sense to me. I was just in that area today. It would be a perfect spot for a hotel of that size.

texboy May 26, 2005 8:35 PM

Here are some more projects that came to mind.

-San Antonio International Airport Expansion. The terminal expansion will happen in phases, to where terminal B will be built first, then terminal 2 will be Razed, and then terminal C will be built bringing the gate total in the end to about 35 gates. The City threw out all the original bids in April bc all were well above the budget, and went back to the Council to revise the budget. Final renderings are due out in June.

-Methodist hospital Stone Oak. This state of the Art Hospital will be located on the corner of Hardy Oak and Sonterra in the exploding area of Stone Oak in North San Antonio. It is being built in phases and once finished with cover much of the 40 acres of land purchased by Methodist. It is being built in response to Baptist Health Systems Expansion of their Stone Oak hospital, that in the end will double the amount of beds in the Baptist hospital. Stone Oak is now being billed as "San Antonio's Second Medical Center".

-Hotel Contessa. Nearing completion this upscale hotel in downtown San Antonio is sitting at 13 floors tall and will be a landmark on the San Antonio River. Its modern yet elegant design will entice guests with exquisite dining and shopping, and will offer a full spa hotel experience.

Paul in S.A TX May 26, 2005 9:12 PM



Paul in S.A TX May 26, 2005 9:15 PM


texboy May 26, 2005 10:21 PM

San Antonio Moves Forward with PGA Resort
After years of legal wrangling and stiff opposition from environmentalists, Lumbermen's Investment and its new partner, PGA Tour Properties, are moving forward with the TPC of San Antonio. In its earlier incarnation, the 36-hole project was called PGA Village San Antonio. That proposal involved the PGA of America (which is different than the PGA Tour). But PGA of America officials grew tired of being cast in a bad light by the project’s opponents and withdrew in 2004.

The most recent proposal was approved in late January by the San Antonio city council by a 10-1 vote. The overwhelming support was based primarily on assurances given by developers to protect the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone – San Antonio’s primary source for drinking water – underneath the site.

The developers and their engineers are now developing the most involved system in the country to protect the drinking water, which is located deep underground. It involves combining a waterproof clay layer, a closed-loop irrigation system and water monitoring stations to prevent pollutants from entering the aquifer. The closest similar design might be the one used by the Environmental Protection Agency when it builds golf courses over highly polluted Superfund sites.

In recent comments to reporter Anton Caputo of the San Antonio Express-News, Scott Halty, director of resource protection for the San Antonio Water System, said he’s been unable to find another system like the one planned for the TPC of San Antonio anywhere in the country. Vernon Kelly, president of PGA Tour Properties, said the system will probably add millions of dollars to the club’s price tag and will go far beyond what the tour has done for its 26 other TPC facilities.

Not everyone is convinced the aquifer will be spared from pollution. “I feel like our aquifer is the guinea pig for the project,” said San Antonio city councilwoman Patti Radle, who cast the lone anti vote. “Why would we go ahead and risk something like this?”

If the golf-related project wasn’t allowed to proceed, Lumbermen’s threatened to develop a residential-only for the 2,855-acre site in northwest Bexar County, as current zoning allows. “I think the argument is that this is definitely better than anything that is not monitored and has higher impervious cover,” council member Art Hall told Caputo. “I know they have never built this before, but I’m sure they are getting the right engineers and consultants who have the knowledge.”

Besides promising an intricate system to protect the aquifer, Lumbermen’s has downsized the project from its original proposal. Instead of several thousand homes and a major community, the project now involves less housing, the two 18-hole courses (one of which will be designed by Pete Dye), some commercial elements, an 800-room Marriott hotel, and recreational amenities. Much of the property will be left as open space.

Approximately $300 million will be spent on the golf courses and hotel facilities, which as part of the agreement with the city of San Antonio, must be completed by 2010.

Even though the aquifer-protection system will boast the best engineering known to man – with constant testing and monitoring to assure the drinking water from the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone remains clean – there are no guarantees it will work over the long haul.

George Veni, a local hydrogeologist and expert on the recharge zone, said that small amounts of contamination – from insecticides, herbicides and other man-made chemicals – have already been found in the water, but there hasn’t been any research to determine the cause or effect. Veni argues that makes it impossible to estimate how much more pollution the aquifer can take before the water becomes truly fouled and needs to undergo treatment before flowing into the drinking glasses of San Antonio residents.

“The more we look, the more we find (instances of pollution),” Veni told Caputo. “The aquifer itself is not contaminated, but there is contamination in the aquifer.”

But Tim Howe, environmental compliance supervisor for the local water system, says officials won’t fall asleep at the switch in making sure the water is safe to drink. “The water system has gone all out for a good water monitoring program,” Howe said. “Water sampling isn’t done halfway. I want people to know that we take this thing seriously and we have the professional people that can do the job right.”

CTroyMathis May 26, 2005 10:53 PM

Good to see an all-inclusive San Antonio development thread.

texboy May 26, 2005 11:47 PM

Yea I was wondering if there is a way to get this thing permanent like the Austin and DFW threads.

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 2:01 AM

Big Tex Grain in South Town.


Alamo Architects is developing the Master Plan for this unique mixed-use development. On the site of the former Big Tex Grain Company, this community is being built on an industrial site directly across from the historic King William district just south of San Antonio. The Master Plan calls for the sprawling site to be redeveloped into 123 multifamily units, 12 townhouses, and 50,000 square feet of new and remodeled commercial space and live/work units. The site is bound on one side by the San Antonio River, and by a highly active railroad line on the other side, creating numerous challenges for Alamo Architects. The finished project will result in creative solutions for these challenges in areas such as noise abatement, access and utilities. Residents will enjoy proximity to the Blue Star Arts Complex and the hike and bike trail that is to run the length of the river, highlighting the many features of the finished development.
Link to an aerial photo of the site Big Tex Grain will be built:

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 2:11 AM

King William Townhomes also in South Town.

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 2:59 AM

Victoria Commons

Victoria Commons recently finished phase I of four phases.

Phase I: Refugio Apartments.

In this masterplan rendering of Victoria Commons, Phase I is colored in yellow.

Picture of another phase of the mix use development Victoria Commons.

Older aerial picture of the Victoria Commons site:

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 3:37 AM

The Courtyard at Brackenridge Park. The courtyard will be two four story luxury office condominiums.
Open: Spring 2006

Villaje Del Rio. Mixed-use redevelopment project underway with retail, office, and apartments. To be built off of of Broadway St. and the San Antonio River in north Downtown.

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 3:38 AM

Is it ok to post projects going on outside of the central loop/downtown?

texboy May 27, 2005 4:28 AM

YEA!!! Please post whatever you want about SA! we just need to get a good thread going here of all the projects going on in SA. SA is really underated right now in here, for the amount of stuff going up around the city!

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 6:16 AM

Ventura Plaza


Three, two-story buildings will combine to provide 74,400 square feet of retail, restaurant and office lease space at this center. Located on Loop 1604 between Blanco Blvd. and Stone Oak Parkway, the center was situated and designed to capture the available scenic views of the Canyon Creek Country Club Golf Course from the courtyards and the second floor professional service lease spaces, thus creating more of an integration between the built environment and the natural environment than normally is found at such a center. This integration, combined with an appealing aesthetic color palette and finishes, will attract and enhance the pedestrian experience throughout this center.

SayTownboy May 27, 2005 6:43 AM

Park North Plaza

Central Park Mall was one of San Antonio's earliest indoor mall and at one time a very successful mall. But then its neighrbor North Star Mall, just across San pedro Ave., became San Antonio's powerhouse mall. Central Park Mall quickly became an ugly after thought for retail at the San perdo/410 interchange. Tenants left, people stop going, it became a ghost town. All that stood was a Sears. But then last year developers bought what was called the best piece of retail land in all of SA (at a very very busy San Pedro and 410 Interchange) and is now building Park North Plaza.

Over three Million square feet of retailers are located in this regional intersection; including North Star Mall, which is anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Foley's and Dillards.

Day time population within two miles is in excess of 123,000 individuals and in excess of 280,000 vehicles per day circulate the Park North site.

Central Park Mall was recently razed and construction has just begun on Park North Plaza.

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