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chris08876 Oct 21, 2014 5:54 PM

MIAMI | Signature Bridge (I-395)
I-395 bridge funded for 2018


Major improvements to I-395, including a new signature bridge, are funded for 2018 and preliminary design work continues with an eye toward a January 2015 design completion date, according to the Florida Department of Transportation.

In addition, designers and engineers with the state transportation department have narrowed design options for the bridge from four to two alternatives: Lotus and Wishbone.

“The design has not yet been chosen,” said Tasha Cunningham, spokesperson for the transportation department. “The department is working with the Aesthetic Steering Committee. At this time, both the Wishbone and Lotus designs are being considered.”

Twenty years in the making, Miami city leaders had to fight to get the I-395 project back on track. City commissioners in July announced an agreement with the state for reconstruction of Interstate 395 that calls for a new “signature” bridge near the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

The project has an estimated construction cost of $500 million to $600 million, in present day dollars, depending on selected structural design.

The reconstruction involves some 1.4 miles of roadway.

The project goes far beyond construction of a new bridge, with a goal of opening up the vistas near the arts center and Museum Park. Maps show the roadway improvements occurring in three zones or segments, from where it joins I-95 on the west and the start of the MacArthur Causeway over Biscayne Bay on the east.

“Preliminary design will be complete by January 2015,” said Ms. Cunningham. “Construction is currently funded beginning in 2018 as a Design/Build/Finance project.”

A fact sheet on the project shows proposed improvements include:

* Building new elevated ramps (one eastbound, one westbound) that will directly link I-95 and I-395.
* Improving roadway design, including updating the alignment and upgrading the roadway surface.
* Creating a visually appealing bridge.
* Building taller structures that will improve the visual quality of the bridge.

Possible Designs:

1) Wishbone:

2) Lotus:

Busy Bee Oct 21, 2014 11:19 PM

Wishbone. Lotus is a mess.

eleven=11 Oct 22, 2014 5:52 AM

ok I got 3 questions
who thinks Rick Scott is scary?

Onn Oct 22, 2014 1:49 PM

Wishbone is the better design for sure! Has Dubai arrived in America? :)

As for the Florida governor, many governors do this. He's not alone in proposing built some massive speculative bridge.

jd3189 Oct 22, 2014 2:38 PM

Great design, not so great location. Why not build it on one of the bridges that cross Biscayne Bay? All they are doing is adding flowers to an eyesore in Miami's core.

N830MH Oct 23, 2014 3:25 AM


Originally Posted by Onn (Post 6778158)
Wishbone is the better design for sure! Has Dubai arrived in America? :)

As for the Florida governor, many governors do this. He's not alone in proposing built some massive speculative bridge.

No, Dubai is not arrived in America. I don't think he can do that. Sorry! :(


Originally Posted by eleven=11 (Post 6777995)
ok I got 3 questions
who thinks Rick Scott is scary?

Yes, he will be very scared. He will not gonna like it.

aquablue Oct 24, 2014 11:22 PM

Great for Miami.

aquablue Oct 29, 2014 8:03 PM


Originally Posted by Onn (Post 6778158)
Wishbone is the better design for sure! Has Dubai arrived in America? :)

As for the Florida governor, many governors do this. He's not alone in proposing built some massive speculative bridge.

Lotus has the M for Miami, Lotus is far the better choice. Wishbone is just a common design for a modern bridge that has been seen and done before globally. So, Lotus it is for "M"iami. Even if it's a bit tacky, it is unique.

chris08876 Oct 30, 2014 12:21 AM

I prefer Lotus personally. The other like you said looks like every other bridge.

chris08876 Feb 13, 2015 7:12 PM

Signature Bridge Accelerated, But Designs Could Be Scrapped; Metromover Will Need To Be Relocated


FDOT’s plan to build a $600 million Signature Bridge in Downtown Miami will require one of the piers supporting the Metromover to be moved.

Dade’s commission will need to approve the pier relocation. Federal officials have already approved it. Federal approval was required, since they provided part of the funding to build the system.

It isn’t clear how disruptive the work would be to passengers. The department is pledging that most of the work will take place during non-operating hours. FDOT is also pledging to keep a corridor open for a mass transit connection to the beach.

Genting had also indicated that they would want to move the Metromover to build Resorts World Miami, but that plan has stalled.

FDOT has recently accelerated the Signature Bridge project, and concept plans and an RFP are now expected to be ready by April. Construction could begin by the end of next year.

Two designs, Wishbone and Lotus, are being considered. However, officials now say that they are would consider a third design if it was proposed by a design-build team.

N830MH Feb 17, 2015 4:37 AM

Why Metromover need to be relocated it? What happened Omni station? Do you think that they will be closed?

chris08876 Aug 12, 2015 9:44 PM

Design Guidelines For $600 Million Signature Bridge Released


FDOT has released design guidelines for the downtown Miami’s signature bridge project, along with a timeline for the bidding process.

At a meeting last month, officials presented an aesthetics manual that is to be used as guidance by design-build teams interested in bidding in the project. Shapes, textures, colors and lighting were among the details released.

FDOT says that the bridge is intended to be a world-class, iconic structure which will serve as a landmark for Miami. They hope to keep costs below $600 million.

Two designs – Wishbone and Lotus, have been selected, although a third option proposed by a design-build team would be considered. The minimum apex above street level will be 245 feet, meaning that it will be dwarfed by neighboring towers such as Marquis, which tops out at about 700 feet.

The bidding process is scheduled to begin next month, and five design-build teams will be selected by the end of the year. The winning bid is expected to be selected by September 2016, and construction could begin by the end of 2016.

chris08876 Dec 23, 2015 6:48 PM

Extra Source:

Commissioner: Build Baylink Instead Of Signature Bridge


Is Baylink more important than a signature bridge?

Miami commissioner Francis Suarez says yes. He recently suggested that funding for the $600 million bridge be diverted to build a train between Miami and Miami Beach, according to Miami Today.

Suarez’s father is Dade commissioner Xavier Suarez, who is also opposed to the bridge. As recently as last year, he pushed for the roadway to be placed underground to remove the blight of a highway cutting through downtown. FDOT has rejected that option.

The signature bridge has been in the works for years and is already funded. Other local politicians worry that if the bridge was cancelled, the funding would be moved elsewhere in the state instead. Miami officials once sued the state when FDOT considered replacing the signature bridge with a less expensive design.

a tunnel instead of a bridge would remove blight:

design guideline for signature bridge:

eleven=11 Dec 24, 2015 6:00 AM


Originally Posted by N830MH (Post 6917982)
Why Metromover need to be relocated it? What happened Omni station? Do you think that they will be closed?

why is this called a bridge and not a freeway overpass?
good location thou.

RobEss Dec 25, 2015 4:40 AM

Highways that cut through cities are scars left from the Robert Moses era. Miami would do well to build that tunnel - though with sea levels rising as they are, perhaps not.

N830MH Jan 16, 2016 5:10 AM

Haven't they already approved it yet? How, when or what? Are they supposed to start construction sometime end of 2016?

chris08876 Jan 21, 2016 9:24 PM

Study: Tunnel Would Cost $1.3B More Than Signature Bridge


FDOT evaluated a proposal to put a portion of I-395 and Biscayne Boulevard underground, instead of building a Signature Bridge. The results:

The tunnels would cost $1.3 billion more than the Signature Bridge
Both Biscayne Boulevard and I-395 would have to be locked down during Hurricane events due to flooding concerns, closing vital evacuation routes
Metromover would need to be reconstructed, with associated cost and service disruption
Biscayne Boulevard and other nearby streets would need to be closed during construction
Pedestrian crosswalks would be eliminated in some areas near the tunnel. Nearby streets would also need to be elevated, inhibiting access
Likelihood of contaminated soil during excavation. Area was previously occupied by the Belcher Oil Terminal & Tank Farm
Construction would be delayed an extra five years for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
FDOT’s Gus Pego will present the study, along with an update on the Signature Bridge, to Miami commissioners next week.

chris08876 Dec 26, 2016 1:15 AM

State nears new I-395 signature bridge downtown


The state transportation department is closer than ever to final plans to improve I-395 and build a new signature bridge spanning Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami.

If the current timetable unfolds without unexpected detours, work on the massive project should begin within 12 months.

That’s the word from the Florida Department of Transportation.

Five firms approved by the state to enter the final phase of the procurement process are currently preparing final details of price proposals. A bid opening is set for spring.

A public meeting to announce technical scores and open price proposals is scheduled for April 10, Maria I. Perdomo of the transportation department said this week. She is project manager for the I-395 revamp.

The project, which includes improvements to I-95 and 836, has an estimated cost of $800 million and will be accomplished through a team effort.

SEFTA Dec 26, 2016 1:28 AM

This should be a transit line, not a "signature bride". All this just to jam thru "Lexus Lanes". The problem is not the Miami side but the beach side. Alton Road and 5th Street aren't going to be magically widened to accommodate the "faster" traffic co1ming over. Silliness. The beach's roads are saturated.There needs to be an alternative to the car if there is to be a successful Convention Center

N830MH Apr 17, 2017 4:54 PM

When they will start construction? How, when or what? How long it will take?

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