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parklady Mar 30, 2011 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by DC83 (Post 3577118)
These photos are great! I have a bunch of Hamilton history books displayed in my bookshelf, no need to be ashamed. It's just a way of looking into the future, really. If you look at these pics, and see how urban planning then worked, we can use it as examples for the future (ie: return of Street Rail).

There were some great pics I hadn't actually seen b4 tho, like the Main/Huxley shot. I think that theater is a collectors/comic shop now called 'Weird Things'. The bldg's still there, but the awning is gone.

Was the airport actually at Reid/Dunsmure? If you look at google maps sat image, it looks like the aiport was a lil more north by Melvin/Woodward (it's neat b/c it looks like the outline of runways):

The airport was between Dunsmure and Melvin ..... I grew up on Martha Street and our house was built on the airport.

matt602 Mar 30, 2011 9:46 PM

Weird. I live off Oriole Crescent and didn't know that airport stretched that far.

woreg75 Mar 30, 2011 10:16 PM

Martha Street?
I grew up on that street too!
A lot of stories and memories from that area!:cheers:

parklady Apr 1, 2011 11:34 PM

stuckinexeter Apr 3, 2011 10:53 AM

small world eh?
...although i grew up in the Montgomery Park area, one of my best friends lived on Martha St. (this was the early 60's)
...maybe we should thumb through our parent b&w photos of us ... bet ya we all
know someone in the area that another person on here knows.... lol.

SteelTown Apr 7, 2011 5:23 PM

Portrait of a City (Hamilton) from 1940.....

stuckinexeter Apr 8, 2011 10:10 AM

Excellent Vid Link Above
Many thanks to Brian Potstra for the "Portrait Of A City" on
Here are a couple of still shots from the film the city of Hamilton produced
in the 40's.

bigguy1231 Apr 9, 2011 5:29 AM

I remember that old roundabout on the QEW at Highway 20(Centennial Pkwy).

JNMCWATTERS Sep 16, 2011 12:23 AM

What book or trade journal are these images from? Any information would be extremely helpful.


Originally Posted by stuckinexeter (Post 4383840)
Came across some photos of stuff you may c but never take note of. Feel free to add photos of similar items below. All pictures courtesy of and are in the public domain.

The developement of electrical power started about 1900 from the Niagara area to points in Ontario. Here are some early pics of the transmission lines/towers and some still do exist.

The pic below is the Niagara/Dundas/London corridor line. This view looks north towards the Dundas substation. The line on right is incoming from Niagara, the line on left outgoing to London. This line still exists today from Dundas to Ingersoll and also along Hwy 6 from Waterdown to Guelph.

The next pic is of the same line while workers erected the towers. Note the fact no safety gear......

Next is that same line from Niagara Falls at the Welland Canal. Note the workmen on the canal tower finishing it off while the line is only strung to the shorter tower on the left.

Next is the switching station from the first line to reach Hamilton, before Niagara power lines. This station served the line from Decew Falls to Hamilton and was situated north of CNR tracks at Strathearne Ave in Hamilton

This power line below ran from Niagara Falls ON via Chippewa, Fort Erie & Buffalo to Syracuse NY.

This line was part of the original Niagara to London Line. It still exists today running from London to Stratford.

This dual line ran from Niagara along the escarpment to a point near Stoney Creek at Ridge Rd. It then descended and travelled diagonally across the beach strip, where it headed northease across Burlington, meeting with the CNR tracks past Guelph Line. This line may still exist in the Hwy 20 Fonthill area.

Finally the original Decew Falls line to Hamilton. Part of this line still exists in the Pelham area. Ontario Hydro left one tower standing to mark the historical
site of the line to Hamilton. It stands at Greenhill Ave at the foot of Cochrane Rd.

stuckinexeter Sep 20, 2011 9:44 PM

.... pics obtained in open library online texts at
.... in the search box type in anything to do with hydro such as
pylons, transmission lines, ontario hydro etc. etc. then select... you can download
the pdf of the book .... this is all for free and in public domain.

JNMCWATTERS Sep 26, 2011 3:47 AM

Thanks, did some searching and found the books that the other hydro related images you posted came out of but not this particular volume. I see its from the Toronto Public Library. Would you happen to have the title of the book or perhaps have saved a copy?
I've been researching, visiting and documenting the 1910 line from Niagara-Dundas-Guelph as well as the old Toronto and Niagara Power Co. line that are pictured.

palace1 Sep 26, 2011 6:32 PM

The images without Figure #'s are from the 1913 book "Hamilton Canada: Its History, Commerce, Industries and Resources"

JNMCWATTERS Sep 28, 2011 12:42 AM

Found what I was looking for, thanks very much for your help.

matt602 Jan 5, 2012 6:57 AM

Came across this one while searching for info on Hamilton's Trolley buses. It's a real gem. Even in 1983 Hamilton was still pretty awesome.

Video Link

Frankenrogers Jan 5, 2012 12:34 PM

Interesting about the national advertisers on the sides of the buses which you don't really see today in Hamilton.

IronWarrior Jan 6, 2012 6:20 AM

I remember riding on those buses as a kid around downtown Hamilton and they would sometimes spark, I always thought it was cool then. It's sad to see the clip in that video of the old Eatons on James Street, lots of memories...

CaptainKirk Jan 7, 2012 7:28 AM


Originally Posted by IronWarrior (Post 5539471)
I remember riding on those buses as a kid around downtown Hamilton and they would sometimes spark, I always thought it was cool then. It's sad to see the clip in that video of the old Eatons on James Street, lots of memories...

I remember when James st N was one way. ;)

stuckinexeter Apr 13, 2012 3:36 PM

time for a few more oldies....
Haven't posted any old or related photos for awhile.... found all these online and were traced to The Spec or library archives.

Here is a pic of the W.F.Fitzgerald moments after striking the bridge. She is backing up to enter the bay via the south channel.

Aerial view.... part of Stelco 1953.

The Stoney Creek Traffic Circle

Heading down Hwy. 20 into Stoney Creek. Note the hydro line atop the cut.
This was the first direct long distance transmission of power into Hamilton in 1898 from Decew Falls.

King Street West (south side) between James & McNab.

One of the early locomotives used by Dofasco to shunt cars on their property.

The Brant Inn viewed from the air.

Building the Skyway Bridge

Two views of First United Church the night after it burned to the ground.
First Place now stands in this block King/Wellington/Main.

This pic is someone we never saw as much as his criminal wife.
(courtesy B. Laufman)
John Dick ..... his wife Evelyn helped butcher him in '46 dumping his body
on the mountainside.... you can find more than enough about her online.

Another shot of the Brant Inn

Dofasco.... the diagonal intersection lower part is Ottawa St & Beach Rd.

Even I remember this sign when they were building the Skyway...

mattgrande Apr 13, 2012 5:44 PM

Where was the Brant Inn?

LikeHamilton Apr 13, 2012 6:34 PM


Originally Posted by stuckinexeter (Post 5665100)

The Brant Inn viewed from the air.

Where North Shore and Lake Shore Blvd meet. Maple Ave. would be the road running to the right of the large intersection in front of the Inn. This is where Spencer Smith Park starts. Joseph Brant Hospital would be on the corner where the sign is on the grass.

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