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Innsertnamehere Apr 24, 2010 3:21 AM

I have decided to make a city in sketchup, so here it goes....

My cities name is Howich. it is on a river and a has one magor bridge across it (could change). These pictures are taken in 2018, wich allows me make designs just being proposed today completed.

as you can see my bridge still needs texturing, i have a communications tower thats rally crappy and i will fix (eventually) and a few of the buildings are inspired by the WTC......

some more pics....

Flamesrule Apr 28, 2010 9:10 PM

Very nice....

Though here are some ideas to think of:

I think you should have wider roads and put some more space in some of the buildings.Also you might want to think of some sidewalks.

Nice start so far!!!

Innsertnamehere Apr 30, 2010 1:27 AM

:previous: i realize what your saying, but i am planning on focusing on the ground later....

anyways, an update
i've added quite a bit, some bridges over the highway, a town hall (the small green one) an old 1930s skyscraper, a few old 70's boxes and some stadiums and a hotel.

Vellu May 8, 2010 9:08 AM

This is a good start! I'm agreeing with Mr. Flame. Also you might want to consider putting some lowrises in as well. The skyline is a bit too clustered now, I think. Nice design work on the buildings! :tup:

Innsertnamehere May 8, 2010 6:59 PM

ok, so i have a MASSIVE update here.....

first, some cool veiws of the city to give you a sense of scale,

now, your probably wondering where that last shot came from. well it was taken from a new area. this is a public area created in the late 1990's and early 2000's, to allow for a large swimming area and rec zone for the citizens of Howich to use. all the water in the extremly large resovior is purified to lake-quality water, not drinking water. its not finished yet, and it will probably be finished over time when im in the mood to work on it.

also, i've edited the waterfront to include peirs.

i've finished the bridge!!!

finished the grid, and added sidewalks to most unused blocks. (as suggested) and you can also see where i plan to eventuly add a park.

in this photo you can see several things. one, i've redone the communications tower, ive replaced a out of scale building with a building that has ten three floor atriums, that when added up have the equivelent park space of 2 thirds of a city block! i have added 2 black office towers, together forming the Smith & Burke insurance complex. finally, i have added another tower called the Ameriwest Bank tower. (thats right, i'm naming some of my towers now)

last but not least, i have a non-permanent 2,000 square foot 2 floor family home to try to give you a real sense of scale. (btw, the building directly behind it is the hotel)

Innsertnamehere May 17, 2010 9:05 PM

An update...

First, this is the International Finance Centre. Completed in 1979,it is disliked by the cityfolk due to its resemblance to the old WTC in New York.

This is the Hillcoat center. Built by Hillcoat international in 2003, this acts as their main headquarters.

This is 136 Holden Drive. Completed in 2009, these buildings are multiple tenant buildings, holding many, many tenants.

This is the Bank of Virgina Tower. Completed in 1992, this building also holds a shopping mall in its base.

This is the Howich 4 Seasons Hotel and was completed in 1987.

finally, this is the Central Station, completed in 1924. All train lines run underground to the station from outside the city. This is a central point in the city and a main tourist attraction.

OK, I need help, Does anybody know how speed up my model? its getting really slow, and too big to handle. also, I'm new to sketchup so any advice would be welcomed. (especially on textures) :D :D :D

Flamesrule May 17, 2010 10:14 PM

Ok there is really noithing you can do about the model lagging. You have many faces wich slows the process.Also don't have many tabs running while doing your model.Webistes can slow down your model.

As for textures:

Do you know how to get them????
1. If no well you go to a texture holdhouse( or

2. Then when you find a texture you have to save the texture toa file/folder in your computer.

3. When you open up your model go to the paint bucket icon. On the side bar of the paint bucket there should be a icon that says create model.(a little + sing right beside a wood shack)

4.When you click that click on another icon that says Browse for material image file.Click that

5.Find the image.

6.Clcik the image

7.It now should be on your sketchup model. Change the size if you want.(If you don't know how PM me.)

8.You know have a building texture!!!!!

For making your own texture you:

1 Get an texture/exsiting texture

2 Go to your photoediting program.

3.Edit it.

4.Save it.

5.Then upload it to your Sketchup Model

You have your own textures!
Or you can go to google maps/bing mapsor birds eye view and then edit it.

ALSO if you want scaled textures just go to my thread where Vellu tells you.

If you need any other help feel free to PM me.

Vellu May 22, 2010 1:43 PM

To speed up the model you could make your buildings into groups and assign them to different layers. Then hide the layers you're not working and show them only when you're exporting a picture.

Innsertnamehere May 22, 2010 8:30 PM

?????????????????????? i am VERY new to sketchup, and have no clue how to do that. is there a link to a page that explains how to do that? (that way you dont have to right it out):haha:

Flamesrule May 22, 2010 11:20 PM

Wait,are you confused aout what I said or what Vellu said?

JHoward88 May 24, 2010 11:01 AM

I spent some time studying your work, and I really like your style. I feel that your designs are outstanding, but the colors aren't really doing them full justice. The colors look nice, but at a glance they don't really make your city look real. In almost all urban environments, you usually have lots of grayscale colors, concrete-grays, and some brick-red while the main sources of other color come from shades of tinted glass window material. The moral of the story is that the more conservative your color tones are, the better. On the plus side, it also gives you the chance to make exciting statements through the selective use of bright tones. By choosing overall conservative color tones, it gives you a chance to really make a statement with the occasional brightly colored building.

This is a picture that I took of the local HQ of Tully's Coffee. In a sea of concrete-colored buildings, it really stands out:

Just for the heck of it, I took the liberty of snitching one of your shots of the skyline and played with it a little to see what it would look like with modified color tones and a background. This is my supposition of what your city might look like if it was in West Seattle: :-)

I think that some simple post-production tweeking could potentially affect your renderings in a dramatically positive way. Keep up the good work!

P.S. - I'm fighting Sketchup lag on my project too. It's something that I've settled for dealing with until I finally have the spare cash necessary for a new system. In any case, if it gets really bad, remember that you can always design each building as as separate component (file), save independently, and then import your small files into the main project when they are ready.

Innsertnamehere May 25, 2010 1:08 AM

Flamesrule- I'm confused about what vellu said.

JHoward88- I'm not rendering or anything, i don't think my computer can handle it. Plus, I'm useless with photoshop :(

ps. that shop of Howich is cool :banana:

Innsertnamehere May 25, 2010 10:51 PM

a small update....

the building under construction is called the hallmark centre, the tallest is called howich herald building, which was completed in 1974 and is the HQ for Howich's largest newspaper the other concrete box is called the port industrial center and was completed in 1983. the shortest is called is called waterfront condos and was completed in 1999.

as you can see, i started experimenting with textures.... do you like it???????

Flamesrule May 25, 2010 11:32 PM

haha I told you textures look good!

PM me so you can learn how to scale textures.(Vellu told me!.Thx Vellu)

ANyway looks nice

Innsertnamehere May 28, 2010 9:05 PM

Another update.....
the same veiw from before, but more updated....

this is the Museum of howich. It was competed in 1993 and is 95% underground. This also includes a large underground parking space for cars.

The front building is called the American Tire Building (canadians will get this) IT is the headquarters for a large department store company called American tire, and was completed in 2012. the two circular buildings are called 119 Smith street, and 109 Smith street respectivly, they where complete in 2001. the red building is called American Rail building, and is the main building for the railway company American rail. it was completed in 1986.

if you haven't noticed, my city is sort of a mix between new york and toronto.

Finally, I am wondering if anyone would like me to put one of their Cities buildings in my city as a sort of memento. if you do, please PM me and i will give you the details.

JHoward88 May 30, 2010 6:15 AM

I like those new blue boxy connected towers.

Innsertnamehere May 30, 2010 10:12 PM

:previous: I knew someone would like that building.

On the other hand....

I Managed to fix the lag!! The computer in my basement is older than the one on the main floor, so I thought it would be slower. but in an act of desperation to fix the lag, I brought Howich down to the computer, and since the PC has next-to no programs on it, it is more powerful than my main floor computer. Howich now runs extremely smoothly on it! (despite being a 12 megabyte file!)

Flamesrule May 31, 2010 2:48 PM

I can really see Tornto in there. Mostly with the tower with the next building beside it.

Good job!I alos like the blue buildings. Have a name for it yet?

Innsertnamehere May 31, 2010 7:13 PM

:previous: do you mean the communication tower? if so, it is heavily inspired by the CN tower, the only difference is this one has 4 supports sticking out, while the CN has 3. and for your second part, do you mean the american tire center? (thats the one Jhoward said he liked)

Innsertnamehere Jun 4, 2010 11:32 PM

next page......

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