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Pedestrian Oct 5, 2017 2:38 AM

SAN FRANCISCO | 95 Hawthorne St. | 320 FT | 32 FLOORS

32-Story Residential Tower Proposed For Hawthorne & Folsom Streets
February 9, 2016, 1:34pm

The owners of 95 Hawthorne at Folsom Street have submitted plans to demolish the existing five-story office building in favor of a 32-story, 320-foot-tall residential tower with off-street vehicle parking and ground-floor retail space.

The property is owned by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, based in Boston. Just three blocks from the proposed 400-foot tower for 160 Folsom St., 95 Hawthorne falls within the Central SoMa Plan . . . and the Downtown Office Special Development District with a height limit of 320 feet. According to the Preliminary Project Assessment application, the existing office building — constructed in 1908 — is not considered a historical resource . . . .

The initial plans include 330 residential units and a ground-floor lobby fronting Hawthorne Street, above 8,000 square feet of retail space along Folsom Street . . . .



Pedestrian Jun 22, 2019 2:02 AM

Looks like we may need to get a mod to modify the headline:


Taller Transbay District Tower Seeking Approval
June 21, 2019

As originally proposed, the five-story building at 95 Hawthorne Street, which formerly housed the San Francisco Passport Agency, was to be razed in order to make way for a 32-story residential building to rise up to 320 feet in height, the height for which the building’s parcel on the northeast corner of Hawthorne and Folsom is zoned.

But having been redesigned by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) to leverage California’s Density Bonus law, Trammel Crow Residential is now seeking approval for a 42-story tower to rise up to 444 feet in height on the southern border of San Francisco’s Transit Center District, across from Central SoMa.

The bonus plans would yield a total of 392 apartments (a mix of 199 one-bedrooms, 144 twos and 49 threes) up from 330 as originally proposed, and 55 of which would be offered at below market rates, along with 3,500 square feet of ground floor retail space and a basement garage for 107 cars (which is down from 250 spaces, as requested by Planning) . . . .

Pedestrian Jun 25, 2019 12:17 AM

From a distance (again):

To me this appears the same as the rendering in the initial post so it probably doesn't take into account the height change from 320 to 444 ft which should make a big difference.

Pedestrian Sep 19, 2019 6:41 AM


Nearly 400 units in SoMa seek go-ahead
By Fiona Kelliher – Staff Reporter, San Francisco Business Times
Sep 18, 2019, 1:30pm PDT Updated 9 hours ago

Trammell Crow Residential is seeking final approvals for its 42-story tower at 95 Hawthorne St., consisting of 392 apartments and about 3,500 square feet of retail space on the ground floor.

The project, which will replace an existing five-story office building on the site, will include 199 one-bedroom units, 144 two-bedroom units and 49 three-bedroom units. About 14 percent — or 55 — of the units will be designated as below-market-rate for residents making up to 50 percent of area median income.

Rising to about 444 feet, the project required a shadow study for adjacent buildings and Guy Place Park. Any shadows would be negligible, according to a staff report, and staff have recommended the project for approval . . . .

This is the project’s second time hitting the Planning Commission for approval. In June, the item was continued . . . .

Note that rather than 32 floors, this article indicates the project has sprouted to 44 and rather than 320 ft, it says it'll be 444 ft.

gillynova Sep 19, 2019 4:08 PM

Glad they made it 124ft higher. I'm really digging this project. Hopefully it does move forward and this will be the newest high rise in the early 2020s

Pedestrian Sep 19, 2019 6:21 PM

It's time they paid for a new rendering that not only shows all the new buildings in town but also this one at it's new height.

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