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CaliNative Dec 10, 2019 10:15 AM

Most Beautiful or Impressive Skyscraper in your city and in the world?
OK, the Empire State Building would be on most lists. No longer the tallest by a longshot, but still the king of world skyscrapers in my opinion. In L.A. the US Bank tower is still number one in my opinion, even though Wilshire Grand has a taller spire. But the much shorter 1928 City Hall probably defines L.A. still (along with the Hollywood sign and Capitol Records Bldg). In San Francisco I still have a fondness for the Transamerica pyramid (designed by L.A. architect Pereira) even though Salesforce is now taller. But the Golden Gate Bridge still defines the city. Always a thrill to cross with the fog rolling in. In Chicago I would put John Hancock at the top, even though it hasn't been #1 since they built the Sears (aka Willis). The most important or distinctive tower doesn't necessarily mean the tallest. In Cleveland, Terminal Tower is numero uno in my book, even though no longer the tallest. Design and uniqueness trump height.

Atlas Mar 31, 2020 2:42 AM

Salt Lake City is my city, and the most impressive skyscraper there is probably the Wells Fargo Center. It's not huge by other cities' standards but it's the tallest in SLC and it's fairly unique.

My picks for other cities, in terms of iconic status and impressiveness:

Edmonton: the new Stantec building.

Calgary: The Bow.

Chicago: Sears Tower is more impressive than the Hancock, IMO. Otherwise, I agree with your picks.

Seattle: Columbia Center

Denver: Wells Fargo Center

Atlanta: Westin Peachtree

Charlotte: Bank of America

Hong Kong: Bank of China Tower

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