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flipper316 Jul 8, 2020 7:12 PM

Denscity Jul 8, 2020 7:49 PM


Originally Posted by flipper316 (Post 8974825)

...and that highway already took forever and ever to get to the coast.

flipper316 Jul 15, 2020 4:41 AM

The Ministry of Transportation is expected to release a study on how to proceed with improvements to the Highway 97, Beaver Lake Road, Glenmore Road intersection in the fall.

Answering questions from Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick Monday, Transportation Minister Claire Trevena says the ministry has been studying both short, and long-term solutions for the intersection for a couple of years.

"It's a quick change in speed limit," admitted Trevena.

"It's always very difficult when you go from 90 to 60."

When questioned about funding for the project, Trevena indicated once the recommendations are released, the ministry will look to see how it matches with other priorities, within the region, and provincially.

"Our capital plan is evolving," she noted.

"We are looking at how we can make sure that these sort of studied works actually come to fruition."

However, she did indicate the project is not currently funded within the government's three-year capital plan.

She expects that announcement to come out as part of the government's 2021 budget in February.

The tricky intersection has long been a trouble spot in Lake Country.

During an open house earlier this year, ministry spokesman Darrell Gunn agreed improvements are needed to improve both traffic flow and safety.

"There are three grade separation options that are south of the Glenmore Rd. and Highway 97 intersection. One is in the Commonwealth Rd. area, the other two are in between that location and the current intersection," he told Castanet News at the time.

Metro-One Jul 17, 2020 7:06 AM

They better skip the “intermediate” upgrade step. That translates into either never becoming fully built or pissing money away.

Also when are they going to release their revised and “upgraded” plan for the new interchange in West Kelowna on the 97? Who knows at this point, maybe it will be “upgraded” from an interchange to a protected T at double the cost...

Also that new website is a nightmare to navigate, no idea where the links are to countless projects.

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