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pttwarrior Jun 5, 2021 10:59 AM

Heavy rain causes floods in Taipei

Heavy rain causes floods in Taipei

DRENCHED: The heavy rain caused knee-deep floods in several areas, with city officials saying they received 274 damage reports, including 260 caused by flooding

By Kuo An-chia and Jonathan Chin / Staff reporter, staff writer, with CNA

Heavy downpours brought by a plum rain front and approaching Tropical Storm Choi-Wan caused flooding in many parts of Taipei yesterday afternoon.

At 2:45pm, Daan (大安), Wenshan (文山), Nangang (南港), Neihu (內湖) and Xinyi (信義) districts reported more than 100mm of rainfall, with city officials saying that they received 274 damage reports, including 260 incidents caused by flooding.

The heavy rain also caused knee-deep flooding in areas around Bojia Elementary School and Muzha Road in Wenshan District, as well as near Zhongxiao E Road in Xinyi District near Zhongxiao Fire Station.
A section along Civic Boulevard in Taipei’s Xinyi District is flooded yesterday amid heavy rain.
Photo: CNA

The Taipei City Hall MRT station also reported that multiple exits were flooded, they said.

The Nanbu Bridge Underpass was flooded in half a meter of water, Lane 109 of Muzha Road Sec 2 had 200mm of rainfall, and Songren Road was awash in turbid runoff that reached the height of “about half a car tire,” they said.

The thundershowers, which began at about noon, came after the Central Weather Bureau issued a heavy or extremely heavy rain warning earlier in the day for 16 cities and counties across the nation.
A woman walks along a flooded section of Xinglong Road in Taipei’s Wenshan District yesterday.
Photo: Liao Chen-huei, Taipei Times

Despite efforts to clear the city’s storm drains, their maximum discharge of 78mm per hour was easily outpaced by the rainfall, which reached 100mm to 200mm in five districts, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) said.

The Water Resources Agency issued a first-grade flood warning for the districts of Xinyi, Neihu, Wenshan, Daan, Wanhua, Zhongzheng, Nangang and Songshan in Taipei, and Shenkeng (深坑), Sijhih (汐止) and Sindian (新店) in New Taipei City.

A first grade flooding warning refers to a scenario where one hour of rainfall causes serious flooding in an affected area, whereas a second grade warning suggests serious flooding within three hours, the agency said.

pttwarrior Jun 5, 2021 11:39 AM

Videos show flooding in Taipei due to tropical storm, plum rains

Streets of Taipei inundated with water as Choi-wan and plum rains team up

By Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2021/06/04 18:44

(Taiwan News) — Videos have surfaced on social media showing flooding in Taipei's Xinyi District on Friday afternoon (June 4) as plum rains combined with Tropical Storm Choi-wan to inundate the capital's financial district.

On Thursday (June 3), the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued both land and sea warnings for the tropical storm as it closed in on southern Taiwan. On Friday morning, the bureau issued a heavy rain advisory for 16 cities and counties.

Starting at noon, extremely heavy rain began to pour on Taipei, with 100 millimeters of rainfall quickly accumulating across the city, according to the CWB. From 12 to 3 p.m., the districts that reported the 10 largest accumulations included Da'an, Wenshan, Nangang, and Xinyi.

The CWB issued an advisory for heavy rain and extremely heavy rain for those districts as well as Wanhua, Zhongzheng, Songshan, and Nangang districts, plus a Level 1 flood warning for New Taipei City's Shenkeng and Xizhi districts.

The largest accumulation was the 300 mm recorded at National Taiwan University weather station in Da'an District. The next largest amount was 200 mm at the Fujhoushan weather station, also in Da'an, followed by 198 mm at the Yicui Villa weather station in Xinyi.

At 2 p.m. on Friday, Lane 159, Section 4 of Muzha Road in Wenshan saw flooding that reached half the height of a car, with residents seen wading through the water as they dragged their scooters. Flooding was reported outside the fire station at Zhongxiao East Road and the Nanhu Bridge in Xinyi. High waters were also reported outside the Nanshen Floodgate in Nangang.

By 3 p.m., the Taipei City Fire Department was cited by CNA as saying that it had received 40 reports of flooding, one collapsed tree, and three cases of people being trapped in elevators. However, it stated that by 5 p.m., the rains had subsided and the flooding had eased somewhat.

Social media platforms were soon inundated with videos of Taipei becoming submerged. In the two videos at the bottom of this article, the streets of Xinyi have become brown, raging rivers of water.
Flooding in Xinyi District. (CNA photo)
Flooding in Xinyi District. (CNA photo)
Flooding in Nangang District. (CNA photo)
Flooding in Nangang District. (CNA photo)
Flooding in Xinyi District. (CNA photo)
Flooding in Xinyi District. (CNA photo)
Flooding in Wenshan District. (Taipei City Government photo)
Dahu Park in Taipei's Neihu District completely flooded. (CNA photo)

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