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Sic'EmBears Dec 12, 2016 7:30 PM

DALLAS | 2614 McKinney Ave. | FT | 18 FLOORS
McKinney/Boll: A “Small” 18-Story Tower for Uptown


Uptown residents will gladly be losing a neighborhood bar to see in its place an 18-story, 120-unit residential tower with a street-level restaurant.

Dallas Cothrum of Masterplan Consultants talked the City Plan Commission into recommending a Planned Development Subdistrict for his client, thus paving the way for the construction of the McKinney/Boll Tower at 2614 McKinney Ave. (southeast corner of McKinney Avenue and Boll Street).

Cothrum has been laying the groundwork for this project for about a year now, meeting with neighbors and the Oak Lawn Committee to work out the details of a development they can live beside.

A two-story building on the site will be demolished. It’s been operating as some kind of bar or lounge since 2003 and since 2005 has been The Idle Rich Pub; there’s an appropriate name for a gentrified neighborhood.

Based on his meetings with the local stakeholders, Cothrum said their primary concern was that there not be another bar.

The project owners, Mockingbird Venture Partners LLC and M&M Venture LLC, agreed and in its place plan a 55-seat, 5,000-square-foot restaurant with valet service to ensure patrons to the establishment do not stack cars into the street. A potential for traffic congestion was another pet peeve of the residents.

Another consideration in the design that Cothrum mentioned at the Dec. 1 public hearing was to mass the building’s maximum height toward McKinney and away from State Thomas, a historic neighborhood of single family, one story homes. The building has a tiered height and a rooftop pool faces State Thomas on the lower level. By right, there was no setback relief required, but the developers volunteered a setback to build consensus in their favor.

Residents of the McKinney/Boll Tower will have underground parking that is separate from the restaurant. The second story will be dedicated for a retail use.

Current site:


Urbannizer Dec 12, 2016 8:30 PM


Urbannizer Jul 11, 2018 12:26 AM


*April 24th, 2018


A new lounge has leased a prime Uptown Dallas property that previously planned for an apartment tower.

One Sette rented the former Idle Rich bar building at 2614 McKinney Avenue.

Goodbye to Idle Rich Pub, one of Dallas' best bars
Idle Rich had been in the spot for more than a decade until it closed in January when its lease was up.

In early 2017 the owners of the property at McKinney and Boll Street obtained approval from the city for an 18-story apartment tower on the site.

The high-rise was planned with a fitness center and retail on the lower floors.

But with a new lease signed for the existing building, it would seem that the residential tower is not going to happen soon. It's a 3-year lease with options to renew.

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