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Comrade Dec 13, 2005 7:11 AM

SALT LAKE CITY | Development Thread
Ok, I've neglected this thread, but there really hasn't been much news to report. Now it appears Salt Lake is about to see some exciting growth downtown, so I thought I'd retool this thread.

Oh and there is no map (I know, I know!)

Possible new tallest

30+ stories
Unknown height (over 420 feet)
Groundbreaking unknown

Hamilton Partners Tower

21 stores
316 feet
Groundbreaking finally set for August

Unnamed Residential Tower

30-31 stories
Unknown height
Groundbreaking set for next year

City Creek Condominiums

20 stories
Unknown height
Groundbreaking set for possibly next year

Global Exchange Place

23 stories
300+ feet
Groundbreaking unknown

Vantage Tower

12 stories
100 or so feet
Groundbreaking either fall of '07 or early '08

Federal Courthouse

10 stories
100 or so feet
Groundbreaking unclear, design may change

Radi8 Condos

6 stories
Groundbreaking has begun, or will begin shortly

Metro Condominiums

7 stories
Currently under construction

Broadway Park Lofts

7 stories
Groundbreaking expected to start next year

Metro Park West

Groundbreaking could come next year

James Bond Agent 007 Dec 13, 2005 7:17 AM

Yeah but that Wasatch Block thingy fell through, so who cares about the rest of this stuff? :frog:

Xeelee Jul 22, 2006 7:10 AM

Interesting. :)

SLC Projects Mar 25, 2007 3:39 AM

What a old thread. Salt Lake has a lot more going for it now. This needs to be updated. :yes:
I will have to get to work on this and update it. :haha:

SLC Projects Mar 26, 2007 3:54 AM

Here's a short update of projects in salt lake city.

Let's add some highrises to the list...

City Creek Condo Tower 1.....26 stories

City Creek Condo Tower 2.....32 stories

City Creek Condo Tower 3.....10-12 stories

World Trade Center Utah.......25-28 stories

222 South Main Tower....21 stories

Cowboy Partners Tower....30+ stories

Frank Moss Courthouse Expansion Tower...10 stoires

Remodel of the Walker Tower....18 stories
Upgrading this office building into class A offices space.

SLC Projects Mar 30, 2007 2:39 AM

The City Creek Center project in downtown salt lake city is underway. The Mall is coming down to make way for highrise Condo Towers, Outdoor retails and office space.

Demo of the Mall.

jeff@jsharrisgroup Apr 11, 2007 1:27 AM

You know your Sh**
You've got everything nice and concice, but it will take until 2015 to complete this. The 30-story Cowboy Partners Bldg is a "maybe," the "Utah World Trade Center" is a "lets talk this thing up..." Let's hope Salt Lake gets everything that's being talked about.

It sucks about the 600-foot building, the Zion Social Hall(, The Eagle Gate Plaza (original plans were 39 stories), The Twin 40-Story Towers (to be built by Kashogi), The American Towers (why didn't they just build ONE BIG 52-story Bldg?). And so on and so forth.

I do love SLC, I just liken it to the Rodney Dangerfield of cities - No Respect!

Comrade Aug 23, 2007 3:20 AM

Ok, I updated it. A lot has changed since the original one.

Eigenwelt Aug 23, 2007 5:44 AM

Where's the map?

Comrade Aug 24, 2007 12:31 AM

As I said in the original post, there is no map. That was from the old project lists and I haven't made one for this updated version.

Anyway, here are construction pics of the HP site:

delts145 Aug 29, 2007 3:04 PM

Last Updated August 14, 2014

The Unofficial Salt Lake City Project Rundown List

Disclaimer: Information contained in this Project Rundown List could change at any time, and should not be used for anything other than this forums discussions, and its informational purposes.


Eco Lofts
Added: 05/19/2014
Location: Approx 440 S 900 E
Other: 6 story building with residential on the top 5, possible retail on the ground floor.
Image from method studios.

Air Hotels
Added: 04/30/2014
Location: NW corner of 400 S and West Temple
Other: 14 story boutique hotel. Will include a restaurant and a high end night club., roof top pool/club, 350 person multi-use entertainment space. The lot is cleared and the small two story building on the north end is already built and occupied.

Granite Furniture Block Redevelopment, Phase II
Location: McClelland St (10th E) and Sugarmount Drive
Other: South of the completed Phase I Granite Furniture Redevelopment. Across the street from the current terminus of the S-Line Streetcar

4th & 4th Apartements
Floors:5 floors, 122 apartments
Location: NW Corner 400 E 400 S on the former Sizzler site.
Image from

Denver Street Apartments
Floors:5 floors
Location: 448 E 400 S

Other: Developed by Garbett Homes, looks to be Garbett's first city core project.
Other: Previous proposals on this site, Metro Park West, and Townhomes.
Floors:5-6 floors
Location: 341 S 400 W (between 400 W and Rio Grande St

151 Tower
Updated: 04/30/2014
Other: Tower building proposed by Boyer as part of their recent purchase of the former Questar and adjacent properties to the south and then to the west. A parking structure to the east, mid block, is currently under construction.
Location: 151 S State
photo credit: Dixon & Associates

City Creek Center - The Cascade
Other: Residential Condos. The base has been constructed up to level 2. The residential units above will be constructed as economic conditions and demand grow.
Location: approx 51 West 100 S

Social Hall Tower 1
Floors: unknown
Other: Residential.On Hold until market demand improves.
Location: NW corner 200 E 100 S

CCC Tower 8
Floors: 20ish
Other: Future Planned Tower. Timeline unknown.
Location: NE corner State and 100 S

World Trade Center plaza
Floors:Unknown, but RFPs call for a 25-30 floor tower
Address: The location of this rendering shows 200 South and State Street, but no official site has been chosen yet.
Other:Future Planned... looking for 700,000 sq ft of office space. They are looking for a plaza of buildings as well. We could see a smaller 10-15 floor tower on the plaza as well, as seen in the pic. Final renderings have not been released yet.

Ballpark Lofts
Updated 11/14/2012
Floors: 4-5
Units: 30 - 40 residential units
Location: 1380 S West Temple
Other: First floor retail, structured parking garage, rooftop garden with patio overlooking Spring Mobile Ballpark. The project sign is no longer on the site.

Hardage Group Redevelopment
Location: 400 S 800 E

University Station
Address: SW Corner 400 S 900 E Currently Office Max
Other: 2.24 acres -140 units designed for 464 student residents

Brunswick Apartments
Location: 245 South 200 East

DA Building
Location: NE Corner 500 S and Main
Other: County has purchased the parcel at this location and will most likely be selling the former parcel at 600 S and State SW Corner
Image is from the formerly proposed location, no image for 500 S and Main has been released.

Westgate Lofts - Redevelopment



Encore Apartments
Under Construction
Address: NW Corner 400 S between 500 E and Denver Street.
Other: 189 Units

Hope Lodge
Under Construction
Address: NW Corner 100 S 400 E
Other: Project by the American Cancer Society. A facility designed for those that come to Salt Lake City from around the state and neighboring states for cancer treatment.

Seasons at Library Square
Under Construction
Other: Same developers as Seasons at City Creek.
Other: Developers have been into the planning office to discuss the project.
Floors:5 floors
Location: SE corner of 500 S and 300 E
photo credit: Tuttle & Associates

111 Tower
Under Construction
Updated: 04/30/14
Floors:23 387'
Other: The Tower being built by City Creek Reserve in conjunction with the Performing Arts Center. Steel has started to rise on the property.
Location: 111 S Main

Performing Arts Center
Under Construction
Floors: 3-5
Other: Steel has started to rise on the property.
Location: SE Corner of Main and 100 S

600 West Apartments
Under Construction
Location: Approximately 50 N 600 W, east side of the street
Other:Proposed as mixed use, residential and retail. The mural in the rendering is just an example, that will not be the mural on the building.

Capital Theater- Ballet West academy
Under Construction
Floors: 4
Location: Adjacent to Capital Theater, west side
Other: Funding has been approved, ground breaking should occur in 2012

Cowboy Partners - Sugar House - Liberty Village
Under Construction
Address: Aprox 2150 South McClelland Street
Other: 171 Units with underground parking

State Street Plaza
Under Construction
Floors:10 & 7
Location: Approx 251 South State, east side
Other: 180 Units

Broadway Park Lofts
Under Construction
Floors: three 7-8 story buildings
Other: Completed units in the rear building were auctioned in February 2012 to raise capital, now under new ownership. New ownership applied for a $4.5 million loan for the RDA on 11/13/2012 to pay off purchase financing and use to complete construction of remaining units. 11/14/2012

Sugar House Crossing
Under Construction
Address: 2100 South & McClelland Street
Other: Mixed use development in sugarhouse. Will include up to 6 stories of offices and 7 stories of condominiums and & retail.

ESA Hotels
Under Construction
Address: 100 S between 300 and 400 W directly across the street from Energy Solutions Arena
Other: Two six story hotels, with retail on the first floor, and a parking garage. One Hotel will be a Hyatt House, 137 rooms. The other will be a Courtyard by Marriott, 175 rooms. Hyatt House on the corner of 100 S and 300 W will be the first of the two hotels built.
Images from

Newhouse Apartments
Under Construction
Location:540 East 500 S
Other Underground Parking is currently under construction


101 Building
Address: 101 S 200 E
Other 9 floors, plus roof top mechanical and the front tower would be taller.

US Federal Courthouse
Updated: 04/30/2014
Location: NE corner 400 S W. Temple

Granite Furniture Block Redevelopment
Completed Phase 1
Location: 10th East 2100 S

Liberty Gateway
Floors: 5 stories
Location: Approx 500 W and 50 S
Other: 160 Residential units. Project is back on track, should break ground soon.

CityScape Apartements
Address: 150 S 400 E
Other: 122 units, amenities will include a rooftop courtyard and spa, business conference center, dog park, outdoor fireplace and barbecue areas.

Public Safety Building
Floors: 4
Location: NE corner 500 S 300 E

21 & View
Location: 2100 S and View Street, about 1350 East
Other: 29 Units with two signature office/retail spaces.

Lotus Apartments (Formerly the Madeline apartments)
Location: 338 East South Temple
Other: 84 Units

IHC Clinic
Floors: 4
Location: NE corner 4th S 9th E

Eastside Apartments
Floors: 3-6 stories
By SLC801

FBI Building
Location: International Center
Deseret News

The Sugarhouse Apartments
Location: 2057 South 1200 E
Other: 70 units; Studio, 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom + Den and 2 bedroom units. Fitness Center, rooftop garden and lounge area with gas grill. Looks to be a nice project. These are being developed by the same company that did Urbana.

Merrimac Townhomes
Location: 38 West Merrimac (just south of Spring Mobile Ballpark)
Other: Five town homes on .343 acres.

644 City Station
Location: Approx 644 West North Temple
Other: 132 units

Gateway Office building
Location: North end of Gateway, approx 450 W 50 N
B]Broadway Place Apartments (Senior Apartments)[/B]
Floors: 4 Stories
Location: Approx 550 E 300 S

Rendon Terrace Apartments (Senior Housing)
Location: Approx 150 North 600 West

Biomat Building
Location: Approx 620 West North Temple

Goldman Sacs
Location: 222 South Main
Pic By StevenF.

Other projects in the works for Downtown SLC include:

-Large 1,000+ room convention center hotel.
-Over 4,000 residential units planned/under construction in Downtown Area.
-There have been discussions off and on of various towers and mixed use buildings on Block 70.

Other Projects located within a 3 mile radius of Downtown Salt Lake


blazefirelight Nov 6, 2007 5:38 AM

Somethin goin on
It's good to see that there's stuff going on in Salt Lake, as far as the skyline growth goes. But I think that much taller buildings need to be built. Buildings taller than 450 ft. Salt Lake isn't all that impressive compared to a lot of well-known cities in the country. And I think that if Salt Lake wants to become the "heart of the Intermountain Empire," we'll need to start impressing people.

We need a mix of quality AND quantity.

SLC Projects Nov 19, 2007 5:03 AM

A list of new tower possibilities.
List of towers in Salt Lake City, Lehi, Pleasant Grove and Provo that we could see within the next 10 years or less.

1. Mystery Glass Tower 35-40 stories
2. Frank Ghery Lehi Hotel Tower 45-stories at 450 FT.
3. Wasatch Partner Tower 33-stories
4. Cowboy Partner Tower 1 or Social Hall Tower 40-stories at over 375 FT.
5 World Trade Center Utah South Tower 25-30 stories
6. Viper's 40-story Condominium Tower The tower Viperlord's uncle was talking about. 40-stories
7. City Creek Center Condominium Tower 1 32-stories
8. Market Station Tower 27-stories
9. 222 South Main 21-stories
10. 22-story Condominium Tower ( Note this might be the same as Number 11. )
11. Lehi Condominium Tower 1 around 20-25 stoires
12. Lehi Condominium Tower 2 around 20-25 stories
13. City Creek Center Condominium Tower 2 19-stories
14. World Trade Center Tower North around 10-15 stories
15. Cowboy Partners Tower 2 17-stories or shorter
16. Embassy Hotel in Pleasant Grove 14-stories
17. City Creek Center Condominium Tower 4 14-stories
18. RDA State Property Towers 180 FT around 13-stories?
19. Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse Tower 10-stories
20. Provo's Zions Bank Financial Center 10-stories
21. City Creek Center Condominium Tower 6 10-stories
22. City Creek Center Condominium Tower 7 10-stories
23. City Creek Condominium Towers on Main 8-stories
24. Sugarhouse Mix-use Towers 6-7 stories

I know there's more projects but I ran out of room. :haha:

delts145 Dec 5, 2007 3:22 PM

Downtown Salt Lake City - Now Completed CCC Center - A Look Back...

Under Construction - December 2007

Crossroads Block
Photo's courtesy of T-Mac

Z.C.M.I. Block
Photo courtesy of T-Mac
Photo's courtesy of DMTower

...Updated - Under Construction, Crossroads Block - August 2010
By John Martin


Just Released - Model of Tower 5 - Residential - Retail, at street level
Photo's courtesy of SLC Projects.

Tower 5

delts145 Dec 7, 2007 4:55 PM

Salt Lake City - Southern Metro - Utah Valley - To Be Updated

Urban Salt Lake's dramatic western face of Mount Timpanogos, which frames the Southern Metro


delts145 Dec 19, 2007 3:55 PM

To Be Updated

LosAngelesBeauty Dec 20, 2007 8:38 PM

Hopefully the natural scenery won't be completely obliderated by "urban" development.

delts145 Dec 22, 2007 2:51 PM

by Willie Holdman
Urban Salt Lake City's spectacular scenery is definately close LosAngelesBeauty. From one Angelino to another, let me give you an example. It's like the proximity of Hollywood Hills to Sunset Blvd. Of course, that leads to a constant need for protection. Fortunately, most of these lands are strictly controlled by the National Forrest Service.

I love L.A. for a big variety of reasons. I often enjoy driving through Coldwater or Laurel Canyon to the Valley, instead of taking the Hollywood or 405. But, I must admit that driving through the Canyons of Salt Lake City is an 'otherworld experience' as far as major urban metros go.

Metro Salt Lake's Central Park

South Metro / Provo Canyon
South Metro / American Fork/Sundance Canyons

Central Metro / Cottonwood Canyons

delts145 Jan 6, 2008 6:36 PM

To Be Updated

delts145 Jan 6, 2008 6:53 PM

Downtown - Under Construction - To Be Updated

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