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mrnyc Jan 1, 2017 3:23 AM

eko atlantic in lagos
has anyone heard about this new waterfront mega city project in lagos?

its impressively large and seems to be well underway:

mrnyc Dec 2, 2019 5:58 PM

it looks like plans have changed over time, but it is moving forward for sure -- i found this:

canucklehead2 Dec 11, 2019 9:35 PM

Nice to see some progress on this. Too bad things aren't moving at a Dubai pace. Same with the metro project...

mrnyc Mar 20, 2020 3:21 AM

i found a 2019 video:

BnaBreaker Apr 13, 2020 4:27 AM

It will likely cost at least six billion US dollars, and probably much more, to build this project. It would've been nice to see the local government would invest that money into the city's infrastructure instead of this insular sanctuary for the ultra rich, but I guess that isn't a problem specific to Lagos.

sarahk99 Oct 29, 2020 8:56 PM

Look amazing, something like people build in Dubai
even better than the pictures from this blog -

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