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drpgq Sep 19, 2018 4:20 PM

[Mountain] Chalmers Church | ? | ? | Proposed
Condos likely for Chalmers Church site

A multi-unit condominium building appears in the works for the former Chalmers Presbyterian Church site on Mountain Park Avenue.

Michael St. Jean, owner of St. Jean Realty and administrator of the Durand Development Corporation which recently purchased the nearly 19,000 square-foot property, said while no final decision has been made, they are leaning toward a condo development.

“The idea of doing some sort of a condo development is an option and there is a chance of that for sure,” he said. “It’s probably a little more likely than something else just based on the size of the lot and what’s on the street and what we feel is best for the property and for the neighbourhood.”

Brent Ellis, head elder of the Chalmers congregation, said previously the property was sold to the Durand group for more than $2 million with the sale slated to close at the end of October.

lachlanholmes Sep 19, 2018 4:46 PM

now those will be condos with a VIEW!

just look at the location:!4d-79.8507713

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