View Full Version : Database correct - Boston Heights

May 3, 2019, 1:33 AM
Hi, please update the heights on the following 2 existing diagrams for Boston.

1. The Hub on Causeway Office Tower

The spire was removed and it was redesigned with a flat top. The new design is here: https://www.gensler.com/projects/the-hub-on-causeway

The height is 510' to both the roof and "official" (ie spire). Right now it slots in around 600' when sorted by official heights due to the spire but should only show up at 510'. (edit 510' = 155.5 meters)

2. Bulfinch Crossing - Residential Tower

This is a simple update. The roof is listed at 532' but the spire at 480', which obviously doesn't make any sense. The 480' is just to the top of the highest occupied floor, so both the roof and the spire should be showing 532'. (or just the roof, with the spire line blank because there is no spire)
(edit 532' = 162.2 meters)

Thank you!