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May 5, 2017 until Dec 30, 2100
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City vs city activity and trolling are not permitted on the forum.

City-versus-city activity is flat-out banned from being posted here in all its forms.

City vs city trolling sets up a rather nasty and personal fight between forumers from one place and forumers from another place, potentially affecting hundreds of members any time it breaks out. Nothing good comes of versus-trolling, but long after the insults and mockery have been removed, bad feelings between individuals and between groups tend to linger, oftentimes popping up in unrelated threads for months afterwards.

Thus, when it comes to 'versus' trolling, a line must be drawn--sharply. Anyone who crosses that line shall be disciplined, up to and including suspension and even summary banishment without warning. Forum moderation and administration shall be the arbiter of what constitutes versus-trolling, so if you think your post might be perceived as an unfair attack on an entire city that will upset residents there, tread lightly or reconsider how you intend to express your opinion. No forumer shall successfully claim ignorance of our policy against versus trolling, and no forumer should believe he can get away with it.

The ban on versus activity applies to all posts and all threads, even ones that are not initially set up as city-versus-city.

If you see any troublesome posts please report them using the "report a post" icon - in the upper right corner of every post on the forum.
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