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Metropolitian Area Maps
View maps for other cities in Dubai's metropolitian area:
• Sharjah - 116
• Ajman - 73

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Dubai Skyscraper Map

The map is centered on the tallest building marked for the city, Burj Khalifa. Zoom-in to the map (double-click) and pan-around (click + drag) to see all buildings. Click on a building's marker to open the information page for that building. Only highrise buildings are marked on the map and the collection may not be comprehensive. See below for more information.
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Browser Performance
Because of the large number of elements contained within a map it is important to use a web browser which can adequately handle the task of displaying the maps. Google Chrome performs the best, Firefox is second, and Microsoft Internet Explorer is third.

Linking to a Map
You can link to a map that you have altered with the map controls, simply use the Map URL found below the map. You can copy the URL to your computer's clipboard by right-clicking the Map URL link and selecting "Copy link address" (Chrome) or "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (IE). When this special URL is used to load a map all of the previous changes to the map, such as map position, zoom level and building selection, will be retained.

Map Boundaries
The map on this page shows only buildings in the city/administrative region of Dubai. It does not include buildings in neighboring cities or municipalities, or elsewhere in the metropolitan region Dubai is situated in (if one exists).

To clarify this situation take for example Los Angeles. The Los Angeles metropolitan region is comprised of many individual cities, but the map for the city of Los Angeles does not include buildings in Beverley Hills because Beverley Hills is a separate city.

Currently it is not possible to view buildings from all of the cities in a metropolitan region together on one map.

Definition of "Highrise"
Only highrise buildings are marked on the map. For the purpose of this website a highrise is considered to be a building of at least 12 storeys or a multi-floored building at least 35 meters tall. For the sake of convenience highrise buildings are also referred to as skyscrapers (we don't set a minimum height for a skyscraper other than it must be a highrise building).

Construction Status Definitions
 • Built - Structure currently exists. Construction is complete and structure has potential for use. Structures undergoing renovation remain in this category.
 • Under-Construction - Structure is currently under-construction. Structural components are being assembled permanently on-site. Excavation doesn't count as construction.
 • Proposed - Structure is planned to be built and construction hasn't yet begun. Includes both structures which have been approved by local authorities and those which have not (we don't have a distinct 'approved' category).
 • On-Hold - Construction had begun at one point but has now stopped. This is a sub-category of Under-construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some buildings on the map aren't marked. Why is this?

This could be for a number of reasons:

• Our editors may not yet have identified and marked every building in the city. Out of a total of 116,058 highrises in our world-wide database which are eligible for inclusion on the highrise maps, only 110,215 of them have had their location data set and actually appear on the maps.

• Only highrise buildings are marked (a highrise is a multi-floored building of at least 35 meters in height or at least 12 floors). Some multi-floored buildings which are visible on the satellite photos but aren't marked may not be considered as a highrise. For example, a 10 storey residential building (with a height of below 35 meters) is not considered a highrise and will not be marked on the map. In the image to the right, the lower building, while casting a large shadow, is not marked as a highrise because it has only 10 floors, while the building across the street from it, which has 13 floors, is marked. Also, structures such as Toronto's CN Tower or Seattle's Space Needle, while certainly being quite tall, aren't marked because they aren't considered as highrises. The maps may be expanded in the future to include additional types of structures.

• The building may be outside of the city boundary.

• The building may simply not exist in the SkyscraperPage database at all.

Some buildings appear to be marked in the wrong location. Why is this?

Tall buildings on the map are marked at the position where they rise from the ground. Sometimes satellite imagery of a city shows buildings from an oblique (angled) view and a building may appear offset from its actual map location.

In the image to the right, the red marker is marking the tower which rises to the right of it, not the tower with the roof the marker is over top of. This paradox is caused by the oblique view of the satellite imagery.